7 Best Cross Training Shoes with Arch Support – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best cross training shoes with arch support are any sports discipline that complements your cardio training. With the time, your body may become resistant to jogging or running. When that happens, the physical effects of the exercise are no longer evident. There’s also a high intensity risk of gaining weight.

That’s why many runners and joggers also do cross training shoe to stay fit. However, when they do that, they can’t wear their regular running shoes. Why? Because cross training shoe exerts lateral impacts that these kinds of shoes can’t cushion.

Best shoes for working out have wider outsoles to prevent lateral wobbling while you train. Outsoles are usually denser and stiffer than those on running shoes. Best cross training shoe for flat feet are also available in a wide variety of brands and models. Each variety has a totally different purpose and effect.

In this guide, you’ll get valuable tips. So, you can choose the best pair of cross training shoe with arch support. Here, you’ll also find reviews of the best-selling models of 2020.

Best Cross Training Shoes with Arch Support 2020

Product NameSole TypeColor VariationPrice (USD)
For Man
Nike Air Monarch IVRubber9
New Balance 608 V5Rubber11
Puma Tazon 6 FMRubber9
New Balance 517 V1Rubber1
For Woman
Ryka Enhance 3Rubber7
Ryka Vivid RZXRubber5
Nobull Training ShoesRubber12

Features & Benefits

Best cross training shoes for wide feet are so different than any other kinds of shoes. Their outsoles are stiffer, thicker and flatter. Outsoles may be completely dense or air filled. Dense outsoles are more suitable for weightlifting. That way, the outsole won’t collapse with extremely high arches compression. On the other hand, air filled outsoles are better for aerobics and dancing.

Additionally, the friction patterns on best cross training shoes for men are usually superficial. For that reason, these shoes are more stable on flat surfaces. The uppers are also stiffer, always keeping your feet on a safe position.

Best cross training shoes for men are also more expensive than regular running or casual shoes. The reason for this is the high arches quality of the materials. In this case, the best materials also guarantee a longer service life.

Certainly, wearing best workout shoes for men has so many benefits. Bellow, you’ll find the 3 most important ones.

Prevent Serious Foot Injuries

Without the appropriate pair of shoes, cross training may cause serious foot injuries. Best shoes for lifting weights and running have thicker and stiffer uppers to keep you feet supported on the right place. On the other hand, the outsoles are stiffer to cushion high arches impacts.

They Improve Mobility

If you want quick results, you have to be fast. The best shoe for weight cross training is lightweight so your foot can move quickly. In addition, its air-filled sole prevents foot soreness due to excessive weight.

Strengthen Your Feet

The stiffer outsoles of best workout shoes for women also help strengthen your feet. In this case, feet need to apply more pressure to bend the outsole. That extra effort helps your muscles, bones and joints to be denser and stronger.

Top 7 Arch Support Cross Training Shoe Reviews

Let’s go! Now we are going to write reviews on top 7 arch support shoes. So, you can make your decision final that, which one arch support shoe is perfect for you. But if you have still any query, feel free to ask us below the comment section.

1. Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike Air Monarch IV has a stiff leather upper to provide stability and superior comfort. In addition, the air-filled rubber outsole helps cushion high impacts and reduce weight. The reinforced shoe tip also prevents frontal impacts from hurting your toes. So, high intensity, high impact, well cushioned, custom orthotics, shock absorbing, rope climbing arch cushioning and support also good. Arch shock absorbing, rope climbing is really awesome.

This shoe has a stiffer and wider outsole than a regular running shoe. That way, you have a better lateral support to prevent ankle sprain. The traction pattern is complex but superficial. These features give the shoe and optimal performance on flat surfaces.

  • Durable and resistant
  • Air-filled outsoles
  • Superior stability on flat surfaces
  • The outsole may detach from the upper
  • The shoes may be noisy when walking on flat and smooth surfaces

If you’re looking for durability and superior stability, this is the cross-training shoe you need. Its rubber upper is thick and stiff. The materials are top-quality, resistant to tearing and abrasion. Undoubtedly, our number one pick.

2. New Balance 608 V5 Cross Trainer

New Balance 608 V5 has a cushioned upper that absorbs high impacts on any direction. Its ABZORB outsole improves shock absorption on the heel. That way, your feet safely impact the ground after a high jump. The dual-density ankle collars also reduce friction, preventing blisters and calluses. This new balance women cross trainer shoe is really comfort and support mesh upper. Uses high abrasion rubber, breathable mesh, provides lateral support. So it’s decent arch support is really good. Some cross trainer also provides plantar fasciitis as like as shock absorption ryka women for flat feet.

Additionally, the flexible outsole has deep grooves that enhance grip on flat and uneven surfaces. So, this shoe is also a great choice for walking on all kinds of terrains. Its upper, made of genuine leather, is strong and incredibly resistant to abrasion.

  • Very comfortable
  • Superior impact cushioning
  • Durable and resistant
  • It may generate pressure on the ankle
  • Not recommended for people with high arches

Certainly, New Balance 608 V5 is an excellent buying choice for people with sensible feet. Training with these shoes is an absolute pleasure. The upper is so soft, that you barely feel the impacts on your feet. A must-buy option for comfort lover.

3. Puma Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

Puma Tazon 6 FM is light, ergonomic and extremely comfortable. The outsole is thin on the toes and the arch. However, the heel area is thick and stiff to better absorb high impacts. The synthetic leather upper also fits the shape of your foot. That way, your shoe won’t wobble while you train.

 The heel is also air filled, considerably reducing the weight of the outsole. This feature also prevents tired legs and feet. Certainly, if you want your legs to move faster, you need a cross-training shoe like this.

  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight
  • Air-cushioned heels
  • The midsoles don’t have arch support
  • The outsole may detach from the upper

Puma Tazon 6 FM helps your feet move faster and prevents soreness. This shoe is lighter than most-cross trainers. However, the outsole is too thin on the front. So, your feet aren’t 100% protected against frontal impacts.

4. New Balance 517 V1 Cross Trainer

This shoe has an eye-catching and a superior comfort level. You won’t find a shoe as comfortable as this one. The upper is completely cushioned, preventing high impacts may hurt your feet. In addition, the memory foam midsole makes you feel your walking on the air.

This shoe is rugged constructed to withstand extremely harsh treatment. So, it’s an excellent choice for those who train too frequently. The rubber outsole is resistant to abrasion, so you can also use your shoes for outdoor walks.

  • Rugged construction
  • Absorbs high impacts in multiple directions
  • Eye-catching design
  • The outsole may detach from the upper
  • Not recommended for people with wide feet

Certainly, New Balance 517 V1 is a masterpiece of footwear design. It’s made with the most resistant materials. It’s also lightweight and very comfortable. However, the shoe tip is narrower than normal. So, it may cause a slight pressure on wide feet.

5. Ryka Enhance 3 Cross Trainer

This shoe reduces pressures points better than any other one, thanks to its double-foam midsole. It also has a soft arch support, which makes it perfect for people with high arches. The mesh upper accelerates sweat evaporation, preventing bad odors and humidity stains.

The RYKA Enhance 3 is incredibly ergonomic, fitting perfectly to the female foot shape. In addition, the outsole is thicker on the areas of higher pressure. That way, there’s a lower risk of sore feet after a long cross training session.

  • Durable and resistant
  • Reduces pressure points
  • Ergonomic
  • Not recommended for women with wide feet
  • The outsole may wear easily on abrasive surfaces

Certainly, the RYKA Enhance 3 it’s so ergonomic that it’s almost like a second skin to your foot. They’re so lightweight that you feel you’re barefoot. You can use it for cross training and walking. In addition, it’s breathable and keep you foot fresh.

6. Ryka Vivid RZX Cross Trainer

Ryka Vivid RZX is specially designed for rearfoot gel cushioning high impacts below the ball of the foot. Designed to provide low profile but have cushioning system. The pivot point on the outsole helps you spin on your feet quick and comfortably. The upper has a striking color gradient that will catch the sights of everyone around you.

The upper is also breathable, preventing sweaty feet and bad odors. The outsoles it thick, stiff on the extremes but flexible on the middle. That way, you foot bends easily while the high-pressure areas stay protected. So, this cross trainer plantar fasciitis wide toe box shoe is comfort and support also good.

  • Durable and resistant
  • Ergonomic
  • Eye-catching design
  • Not recommended for women with wide feet
  • The upper is too flimsy

Ryka Vivid RZX improves the movement of your feet on multiple directions. It also helps you spin on your feet without effort. These features make a good choice for dancing and cross training. However, the upper is too flimsy. So, may be exposed to foot injuries.

7. Nobull Training Shoes

The uppers of these shoes are made of a single piece of SuperFabric. This material is stiffer and more resistant than regular synthetic mesh. The upper is also cushioned, keeping your feet protected from frontal and lateral impacts.

The friction pattern is deep and complex, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The outsole is flexible and slightly softer in contrast to best training shoes for women. This design allows your feet to move freely in multiple directions.

  • Durable and resistant
  • Superior comfort
  • Ergonomic
  • The shoe may be smaller than the indicated size
  • Too wide on the heel

This shoe has the stiffness of the leather and the breathability of the mesh. It’s also incredibly durable and lightweight. It’s soft and comfortable on the inside, but stiff and resistant on the outside. The perfect choice for high-impact training.

Types of Training Shoes

As said before, you can find a huge variety of models of training shoes. However, all of them can be grouped in these three main types:

Cross-Training Shoes

Best crossfit shoes for women have wider and stiffer outsoles. They’re also thicker on the front, which is the area where your toes first impact after a jump. That way, your toes don’t bend too much, preventing injuries.

Best women’s cross training shoe can cushion frontal and lateral impacts. They also can be used as walking shoes. However, they’re more suitable for walking on flat surfaces.

Road-Running Shoes

They’re the best for walking on asphalt, concrete and other hard and flat surfaces. They have dense outsoles to prevent small rocks and other pointy objects from piercing the rubber outsole. The outsoles are usually flat with complex friction patterns.

Road-running shoes are popular among professional runners. The peculiar design of these shoes makes them perfect for strengthening the muscles, joints and bones of your feet.

Trail-Running Shoes

Trail-running shoes are more suitable for irregular surfaces. Their frictions patterns are deeper, guaranteeing superior good grip on slippery terrain. In addition, the deep grooves on the pattern retain small rock that may pierce the rubber.

The uppers of these shoes are usually made of stiff and resistant materials, like natural or synthetic leather. Some models combine leather and synthetic mesh in order to enhance breathability.

Buying Guide

Without a doubt, best cross training for runners is one of the best ways to stay in shape and prevent excessive muscle loss. It’s also a healthy discipline that strengthens bones and joints. However, doing cross training without the appropriate gear may also be dangerous. You could suffer serious foot injures.

However, choosing the right cross training shoe with arch supports goes beyond that choosing the most beautiful color or eye-catching design. You should also consider some important things like arch support, material and friction pattern.

On this buying guide, we’ll explain you all those important things you should think about in order to make the best decision.

Arch Support

Not all people have the same foot physiognomy. There are people with high arches, neutral arches and flat feet. For that reason, the pressure pattern that each person leaves on the midsole is different. In order to guarantee an optimal comfort level, your shoes should have the adequate arch support.

Unfortunately, best cross training shoes for women are designed for neutral feet. Because of that, midsoles are completely flat in most cases. If you have high arches, flat midsoles will leave you with sore feet after a long training session.

In that case, make sure the footwear you’re going to buy has removable insole (example: midsoles). That way, you can replace the original flat midsoles with orthotic ones. To get the best results, you can get customized midsoles from a professional chiropodist.

Best midsoles for arch support are made of memory foam. This material is soft, flexible and fits the shape of your feet. Memory foam midsoles are by far more effective than stiff midsoles. So, if you suffer from sore feet, memory foam midsoles should be your first choice.


During cross training, your feet impact the uppers in multiple directions. For that reason, the upper material should be highly resistant to piercing. So, nylon or polyethylene mesh would tear so easily in this case.

When it’s about best shoes for weight training women’s, natural and synthetic leather are the best materials. Leather is also stiff, keeping your feet on the same position inside the shoe. That way, your feet always hit the right midsole areas with each impact. As well as also removable insole, heel to toe, shoe is made with flex grooves, secure fit. So, possible to keep your feet nice. To keep your feet perfect, it’s padded tongue and collar also well cushioned for secure fit.

Unfortunately, leather tends to generate too much heat. And the heat gets worse with direct exposure to sunrays. So, if you’re going to use leather training shoes for outdoor walks, make sure they have ventilation holes. Those shoe models that mix leather and synthetic mesh are the best in these cases.

In order to prevent foot injuries, it’s also recommended that the outsole is completely cushioned with foam. This material is also gentle with your skin, preventing blisters and calluses.

On the other hand, the outsoles should be made of dense rubber to prevent excessive deformation. If you pretend to use your cross training shoe for weightlifting, a dense outsole won’t collapse with excessive pressure.

Air-filled outsoles aren’t as resistant as the dense ones. However, they considerably reduce the weight of the shoe. So, your legs won’t get tired if you try to move them faster.

Friction Pattern

Cross training shoe should have complex friction patterns to improve good grip and stability. If you pretend to use your shoes on flat surfaces, better opt for superficial patterns. On the other hand, deep patterns are better for outdoor uses, like walking at the park. Deep patterns also prevent accidental slips on wet ground and retain small rocks that can pierce the outsole.

Also make sure the contact surface of the outsole is completely flat. If the outsole is slightly curved, it may wobble while your feet move. So, you could lose balance and accidentally fall to the ground.


Above all, best walking shoes for overweight women should be ergonomic. So, they should fit perfectly to your feet. However, not all shoes have the same shape. Some are wider and others narrower. So, finding the right footwear for you may take some time.

First of all, you should go to a shoe store to try on some shoes that you like. That’s the best way to check the fit. If you decide to buy shoes online that you’ve never worn before, you’d be taking a high risk.

On the other hand, make sure the shoe has reinforced heel support. Your heels suffer the most every time your feet hit the ground. If the outsole is too thin and flimsy, the risk of injury would be higher.

Ankle Collar

Every time your foot impacts the ground, your ankle bones rub the ankle collar. If the same movement repeats over and over again, you’ll probably end up with blisters. This may happen when you do aerobics or dance wearing the wrong king of footwear.

For that reason, it’s suitable that the curvature of the ankle collar is more pronounced in the center. Just below the ankle bones. That way, the risk of rubbing is lower and your feet suffer less.

Cushioned ankle collars are the best of all, because they cushion the impacts and reduce friction. In addition, they prevent ankle sprain by holding your feet in a safe position.


When it’s about cross training shoe, the brand is also important. The current market is full of generic brands. Shoes from these brands are considerably cheaper than those from well-known brands. However, they’re also less durable.

Generic brands usually use materials of inferior quality to reduce production costs. So, it isn’t a good idea to opt for something too cheap. In fact, real training shoes aren’t cheap. So, if you find training shoes for less than $15 on the Internet, they’re probably trash.

Only the best brands submit their own product to strict controls to guarantee the same quality standards on each batch. In addition, best brands have their proprietary materials. Such is the case of Nike, New Balance and Puma. That’s their distinct mark that makes them different from the rest.

In addition, best brands offer up to 2 years of warranty for a pair of shoes. That means you can get a new pair if the ones you have get damaged while the warranty is still valid. Some brands also offer a 30-day money back warranty. So, you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the fit or performance.

So, as you can see, investing more money in a good pair of cross training shoes is the best way to save money in the future.


Buying new cross shoes just because they look nice isn’t a wise decision. You need to know everything about the shoe you’re going to buy. You should investigate how’s the fit, the comfort level, the ankle support, etc.

Internet is the best information source you have to know that. However, believing everything buyers say about their products isn’t a good idea. If you want to know nothing but the truth, you should read what former buyers say.

On the Internet, there are people that are paid for giving good reviews about certain products on shopping websites. So, you have to be careful. In order to have a realistic idea of the product quality, start reading the bad reviews. Then, compare the number of bad reviews vs. good reviews.

If the number of bad reviews is nothing compared the amount of good review, then you can buy. In the opposite case, you’ll have to choose another product.

Some shopping websites make things simpler, using a 5-star system to rate their products. In this case, always choose products with four or five stars. Also verify the reputation of the seller. Some sellers ignore their complaining clients. That’s also a red alert that tells you: Don’t buy!


Finally, when you already find the pair of shoes that better suits you, it’s time to look for prices. As said before, cross training shoe for women’s are usually expensive. So, you have to do whatever you can to save money. Especially if your budget is low.

First of all, start looking for offers on the Internet. Shopping websites with free shipping services all your best choice in this case. Also, visit the official website of the product to know the factory price. You can use that price as a reference to know what’s too cheap or to expensive on your list of prices.

As said before, it’s also suitable that you visit some local shoe stores to verify the shoe fit and get prices. Once you have a long list of prices, calculate the average value. Then, choose the alternative with the price closest to the average. If that price is still too high for you, you should choose something cheaper.

You can also wait for a few months until the prices go down. Shows are usually more expensive the days after they’re released to the market. So, having patience and wait may be an excellent strategy to save money.

You can also choose the exact model you want from past years. Some brands usually release the same model year after year with just a few variations.


Here’s a list with the most frequently asked question about cross training shoe on the Internet and their answers:

Q1. What is the best material for cross training shoes uppers?

By far, genuine leather is the best material for training shoe uppers. It’s highly resistant to tearing, piercing and abrasion.

Q2. Can you use cross training shoes for running?

No. Cross training shoe isn’t suitable for running long distances. The outsole is too stiff and the cushioning isn’t enough.

Q3. Can you use cross training shoes for walking?

Yes. You can use cross training shoes for short walks. However, the may be a little bit uncomfortable when walking on uneven terrain.

Q4. What is the difference between walking shoes and cross trainers?

Walking shoes have softer and more flexible outsoles than cross trainers. In addition, cross trainer walking shoes usually have breathable mesh uppers to reduce weight and improve breathability.

Final Verdict

Certainly, choosing the best cross training shoes for you is more complex than you think. First of all, you should consider the appropriate arch support. You can’t ignore the fit and the quality of the materials. Also, make sure your current budget is enough.

And above all, always opt for the best brands. If you’re going to buy shoes on the Internet, make sure to try them on before on a local shoe store. If you carefully follow these valuable tips, you’ll have higher chances of finding what you really need.

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