Best Martial Arts Shoes 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best martial arts shoes reviews

Best martial arts shoes are not only perfect for practitioners. These shoes are perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy a safe walking.

So it is quite normal to see individuals training shoe less in the dojo. While doing martial arts or Taekwondo. There are two fundamental reasons:

Firstly, taking-off training shoes and keeping them outside, exhibits regard for the arts and its customs. The second reason is absolutely practical. In arts such as Tae Kwon Do, jujitsu and aikido, matted training areas are utilized. Thus, outdoorsy footwear is removed to prevent dirt from soiling the mats. And to shield them from damage. So the mats would not need to be supplanted repeatedly. And it is clear that, martial art shoes are outdoor shoes, not use in home.

The Japanese art of ninjutsu is different from other Japanese fighting customs. Because shoe is worn in it. This footwear has another name. And that is “tabi”. And can incorporate both tabi boots and tabi socks. So both of which have a huge toe.

In Chinese Kung Fu, it is genuinely known as Bruce Lee shoes. Regardless, if training in a dojo, particularly if they are utilizing a matted zone, the Chinese Kung Fu experts will train without their shoes, both – as an indication of regard to the martial arts routinely honed there, and to help with protecting the mats. So, any guy interested in Kung Fu, can try with these shoes. You may know, Wing Chun is a type of Kung Fu or martial arts.

Note: Don’t do Kung Fu without a martial arts instructor.

Best Martial Arts Shoes 2020

ItemColorSoleBuy Now
Adidas Taekwondo Adilux Shoes-Editors ChoiceWhiteRubber
Adidas Boxing Box HogBlackRubber
Adidas Men's HVCMultiRubber
Otomix Original Lite Martial Arts ShoeWhiteRubber
Adidas Men's Combat Speed.5Black/SilverRubber
ASICS Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling ShoeBlack/SilverRubber
Century Lightfoot Martial Arts ShoesBlackRubber
Tiger Claw - Martial Arts ShoesBlack and whiteRubber
T.O.P ONE-Martial Arts SneakersBlack and whiteRubber
Mooto Taekwondo ShoesBlack and whiteRubber

Benefits of Wearing Martial Arts Shoes

There is no doubt, this type of shoes has a special benefits in the 21st century. Or whether it is all the more intelligent to disregard the conventions of our martial arts pioneers. Here are four convincing motivations to plan some instructional courses utilizing top martial arts shoes.


It is common in territories, where many individuals go shoeless, for skin and fungal contaminations to spread. This issue is especially prevalent in locker rooms and changing rooms. For martial arts practitioner who practice shoeless, this presents two potential issues.

First, a person shouldn’t even think about training without shoes if he or she is from suffering a problematic skin disease. This, unmistakably, is an obstacle in the student’s path to proper training.

The other potential issue is if the student dismisses his or her skin health and trains, in any case, it will not only be an unpleasant experience for other students but will also be a potentially hazardous situation. An essential preventative measure is for the students to wear the best casual shoes for martial arts.


Many martial arts classes are conducted in a hired room, which may not be part of a professional school or even a sports complex. On the other hand, the room could be a congregational hall or a part of some other local building not utilized only for martial arts.

If the room is not commonly utilized for any sort of sports or exercise (for example, yoga or Pilates), then the floor may not be perfect for training shoeless. It may be a cool concrete floor or a rough wooden one with damaged or uneven boards. This kind of floor can have a high risk of injuries and would require good martial arts shoes.

Even mat-fitted surfaces have been known to cause broken toes, as it is certainly not hard to trap a toe between the mats if they end up on the receiving end of a degree kick. Light training shoes are essential in cases like this to prevent avoidable wounds and injuries.

Security during Fight contests

Most martial arts incorporate ‘’competing’’ as a necessary piece of the training, with the goal that students can hone techniques against a genuine adversary. Some commercial training shoes are elasticated slip-on sort shoes, which fuse thin cushioning over the top and instep. These can be useful to the students during light competition.

Top taekwondo shoes are typically lightweight and sufficiently thin so that appropriate shin protectors and foot cushioning can be worn over the top for more intense and full-contact sparring.

Self-Defense Situations

The biggest reason behind training whilst wearing shoes is that it is almost impossible that one will be assaulted while being barefoot. If someone doesn’t know how to unleash their inner martial artist while wearing a pair of shoes, they will most likely be in an unfavorable position if a risky physical situation arises.

So regardless of the possibility that your martial arts training takes place shoeless, it is positively prudent to partake in some infrequent practice sessions wearing regular garments and shoes, so as to make your self-defense training as realistic as could be.

Ed Sadler has trained in martial arts for more than 20 years. His experience and ability are, basically, in the Chinese external and internal arts. Ed is a firm supporter of martial arts shoes for every single martial arts training, particularly for the authenticity that they can convey to self-defense training.

These shoes are more traditional than purchasing designated shoes for each game. However, one requires specific shoes in case they are doing a particular activity, for example, walking, more than two times each week.

Shoes are essential to your regular exercises. Having the right shoes can have a significant impact on how your feet, legs and back feel when practicing. Walking and crosstraining shoes are designed in a different way, so it is critical to choose a shoe that is proper for the game or the activity that one intends to participate in.

Top 10 Martial Arts Shoes and Karate Shoes Reviews

Before purchasing affordable martial arts shoes, one should consider what sort of shoe they need. Is it the one that offers arch support, ankle support, or is it a boxer’s or wrestler’s shoe that they require?

Following are a list of best martial arts shoes that are popular among both – training and general shoe.

  • Adidas Tae Kwan Do (TKD) Shoes
  • Adidas Boxing Box Hog
  • Tyrint IV
  • Otomix Original Lite Martial Arts Shoe
  • Adidas Combat Speed III
  • ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe
  • Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe
  • Tiger Claw Martial Arts Shoes
  • Pine Tree Low Cut Sneakers
  • Mooto Taekwondo Shoes

01. Adidas Tae Kwan Do (TKD) Shoes-Editors Choice

The Adidas Tae Kwon Do shoes are much more popular as cheap martial arts shoes. These are indoor shoes that have no bands. The sole of the shoe takes pivoting into account, which is incredible for kickers and even those that require ankle support for general shoe.

The arch support is minimal. There is a great demand for a pair of these Tae Kwon Do shoes. They are also found to be very narrow and stretch quickly, however they are lightweight. More often than not, it has been observed that these shoes are quickly sold out on Amazon or at outlet. Another e-commerce website that provides a selection of these TKD shoes is Golden Tiger.

  • Stretchable and narrow
  • Lightweight
  • Good ankle support
  • Curve support is minimal

02. Adidas Boxing Box Hog

The Adidas Boxing Box Hog shoe – is one of the most loved product by customers. These shoes are made up of delicate cowhide and have the wad of your foot alongside the pivot point on your heel area to keep it dry and cool through the mesh opening on them. It has a breathable mesh upper and a low-profile cushioned midsole.

A gum rubber outsole provides sure traction and grip. It has a sturdy single-layer open mesh upper construction and synthetic suede overlays for durability and comfort. They can easily pass for good casual shoes for martial arts.

  • Padding for heels
  • Lightweight
  • Good heel support
  • The tendency for thefoot to slip in and out.

03. Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe

Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe provides top martial arts and running shoes and the style of the trim makes this shoe significantly snappier to put on. These shoes are produced using top quality calfskin to offer the solace and protection needed from great footwear. It is considered to be Mesh and synthetic.

It is Built-low to the ground for speed and stability, and this durable shoe is a winning choice for wrestlers of all skill levels. Open mesh nylon is best for breathability and quick drying. EVA insole is part of it for comfort and Internal EVA midsole for cushion, fit and comfort.

  • Quick to put on
  • Good quality of synthetic material
  • Good protection for theankle.
  • Sole is thicker.

04. Otomix Original Lite Martial Arts Shoe

The Otomix Original Lite is nice and offers thin and flexible sole. They make a shorter boxing boot too, in the event that one needs to get in and out of their shoes in under 5 minutes. It has a breathable mesh upper and a low-profile cushioned midsole.

Note: If you are a beginner and have no martial arts instructor, then you can start with it for an autocomplete results. So, you can do martial arts practice for yourself.

The sole of the shoe takes pivoting into account, which is incredible for kickers and even those that require ankle support for general shoe. It has sturdy single-layer open mesh upper construction and synthetic suede overlays for durability and comfort.

  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Good protection for heels
  • Laces are too long

05. Adidas Men’s Combat Speed

Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5 is the perfect gear for usual wear. And training for men and women, regardless of what their age might be. This Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5 is anything but difficult to wear, as your foot rapidly slips into or out of them. Fit to the foot is exact, and it can tend to be a little tight. Good ventilation and good support are the characteristics of this shoe.

Apart from wrestling or boxing, it is also perfect for weight training exercises. They are also found to be very narrow and stretch quickly, however they are lightweight. The shoes are quite comfortable and are ideal for use in martial arts and general footwear.

  • Lightweight
  • Can be worn quickly
  • Good padding support.
  • Toes may be uncomfortable owing to thickness.

06. ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

Asics Matflex is elasticated slip-on sort shoes, which fuse thin cushioning over the top and instep. These shoes offer the required solace and protection. It is synthetic in making. The shoe has a rubber sole and mesh, and synthetic upper. The lining of the shoe is textile. It also has a rubber outsole with traction pods.

The shoe mostly has lace entry and cushioned footbed. They are really liked as wrestling shoes even though their utility is not only confined to wrestling. Since these shoes are very fitted and fashionable, they are also worn as general shoe.

  • Lightweight
  • Thin padding over the top
  • Good support for theankle.
  • Can prove to be hard on heels.

07. Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe

Century shoes are flawlessly developed, sturdy and adaptable with the goal that they fit well while going about your business. So if you want to hone your martial arts skills, you know what to wear. These shoes are made of synthetic leather. Century shoes feature rubber soles with pivot points. It has a breathable and pliable design.

There are a great variety of choices when it comes to the colors for these shoes. They are worn more as general footwear than for martial arts training. The durability and comfort provided by these shoes are reasons for which they are considered good casual shoes.

  • Lightweight
  • Adaptable and durable.
  • Good fitting.
  • Not sufficient padding.

08. Tiger Claw Martial Arts Shoes

These shoes will have a tendency to have a thicker, heavier sole than walking shoes, which can make them stiffer. However, it is highly popular with customers involved in martial arts training. These are the number one shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters.

The shoes are simple, durable canvas lace-up top with a padded, yet light sole. The tread is perfect for all martial arts styles. It is known for providing maximum traction for ultimate performance. Due to these reasons, they are also considered for general footwear.

  • Lightweight
  • Good quality of sole.
  • Durable.
  • Thick and heavy sole.

09. TOP ONE-Martial Arts Sneakers

T.O.P ONE-Martial Arts Sneakers have more slender soles than some of the other brands, as their foot-to-ground effect isn’t as padded as that of the others. However, this brand is popular particularly among customers who are martial arts aficionados. They are very lightweight with only one lace at the top, but it is more or less not required to be tied up.

These are known to be comfortable due to soft leather, great pivot ability, good sole and a fair amount of support, but are not outright flat. The shoes are also ideal for general shoe and martial arts training.

  • Lightweight
  • The sole is more slender.
  • Good fitting.
  • Thick and heavy sole.
  • Insufficient padding.

10. Mooto Taekwondo Shoes

Mooto is typically light-weight and sufficiently thin shoes with appropriate shin protection and foot padding. It can be worn both, for training and general use purposes, and is considered favorable among customers. It provides great protection for the foot. The length of the shoe fits perfectly when worn. It has a breathable and pliable design.

There are a great variety of choices in colors for these shoes. They are worn more as general footwear than for martial arts training. EVA insole is part of it for comfort and Internal EVA midsole for cushion, fit and comfort.

  • Lightweight
  • Good shin protection.
  • Durable.
  • Tend to be slippery.

Buying Guide

Good Martial Arts shoes should be comfortable and lightweight. The delicate and padded calfskin upper of these shoes secures your foot. The sole of taekwondo shoes contains discernible footing circles which can help one in easily turning while at the same time performing kicks for training. These circles are particularly helpful while training on mats.

One other consideration while purchasing affordable taekwondo shoes, are the level of shock absorption of their soles, which should be as high as it could, for as long as it is lightweight.

The shoes one purchases should be flawlessly developed, sturdy and adaptable with the goal that they fit well while going about your business or should one be involved in martial arts training.

Martial Arts training regularly occurs with bare feet as it assists with molding the foot to practice sturdiness. This sort of training enables the muscles to get more grounded. It keeps your feet and stance solid.

What to Look For?

When looking for your top martial arts shoes, it is important to bring the socks that one will wear while utilizing the shoes and special inserts. Note that feet swell longer if one has been wearing shoes all day, so it is best to go shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are at their biggest. Disregard the size, and buy with what feels the most agreeable.

Depending on the shoe type and brand, one may need to go up or down half a size or more from your typical shoe size. Finally, test your taekwondo shoes and their performance from all aspects while you are still in the store.

Fit and Form

While choosing affordable martial arts shoes, ensure that you have satisfactory space for your toes. Your shoes should fit with an index finger’s width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Your heel area should be steady and not have the capacity to slip in and out of the shoes. Check the shoes for any clear imperfections, for example, tears and inappropriate stitching.


The vast majority of martial arts moves include kicking from the highest point of the foot. Thus, Martial Arts shoes are made of the apadded material on the highest point of the shoe to protect your lower leg and feet from harm between training sessions.

Size of the Shoes

Picking the correct size of shoes for Martial Arts is imperative as shoes that are too little can cause blisters, rankles and corns. In addition, if the shoes are not the correct size, the feel and control of your movement will be affected.

Color and Style

Cheap Martial Arts shoes are accessible in a few different colors. Every one of them is along the shades of white or dark, with slight minor deviations from the norm, because of striping or sewing. There are even Martial Arts shoes that have pink sewing. Men and women can easily find the colors they are searching for.

Martial arts have a history that goes back to the fifth century B.C., and throughout the years they have transformed into a culture profoundly established in history and custom. One such convention shared by many forms of martial arts is to practice and train shoeless.

The question is: Are these conventions still significant, or can they be worn as casual shoes for martial arts?

The answer is martial arts shoes can be worn by anyone for any purpose, whether arts or as a generic footwear. Foot assurance and security are critical, regardless of whether one is a novice in the field or an expert, who likes to wear it merely for the comfort factor in everyday life.
In any case, there are always two sides of the argument.

Different Types

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are developed particularly to walk and should be utilized for that purpose alone, not for any other sport. As a person who walks will require a low, adjusted foot rear area that gives great help. One would need a shoe that weighs close to nothing and enables the foot to relax.

There may be a requirement for one to have a delicate landing mechanism in their shoes, yet don’t overdo the thickness of the underside, as one needs it to stay adaptable, particularly at the toe where the foot twists normally. Walking people require more slender soles than sprinters since their foot-to-ground effect isn’t as impactful as that of the people who sprint.

These shoes have the most padding in their rear area, where the foot hits while one is walking. Walking shoes should be used only for even surfaces, not for climbing.

Cross-Training Shoes

These shoes are made for adaptability. These shoes are intended to have the capacity to be worn serenely for various exercises. They are breathable, yet might be heavier than shoes arranged for a particular reason, because of their multipurpose plan.

These shoes will have a tendency to have a thicker, heavier sole than walking shoes, which can make them stiffer as well. Cross-trainers ordinarily have more support than walking shoes and are developed to satisfy various physical prerequisites.

One may not need or need every one of the additions a cross training shoe conveys in your walking shoe. Be that as it may, if one anticipates trail walking, cross-training shoes will probably be built for a huge number of surfaces as compared to walking shoes.

Taekwondo (TKD) Shoes

Tae Kwon Do shoes are incredible as a general martial arts shoe. They are exceptionally adaptable and slip on rapidly. For martial arts practitioner that are in a shoeless school, yet require some type of protection for their feet, this is a decent choice.

There is a wide range of best taekwondo shoes and the men’s and ladies’ shoe appear to be identical.

Boxing Shoes

The game of boxing really does not require a particular kind of shoe. Their footwear prerequisites are very flexible. However, depending upon certain circumstances, one might need to use a customary boxing shoe. Boxing shoes are generally high tops and have laces.

They are lightweight and have a smooth sole. Most boxing shoes offer straps across the ankles for extra stability. In the event that one requires a great deal of arch support, a more basic style is best since one will have the capacity to put a quality insert in the shoe and still be comfortable.

Most customers tend to prefer shoe made generally out of canvas, rather than cowhide – however, it is truly up to the person in question. They tend to run consistently with size. Remember, the higher the ankle support, the additional time it takes to put on your shoes. The Adidas Boxing Box Hog shoe – is one of the most loved brands by customers. They additionally feature a lower to top boxing shoes style called, the Tyrint IV.

The style of the trim makes this shoe significantly snappier to put on. Yet, the Lonsdale Quick shoe is, likewise, nice and offers a thicker sole. They make a shorter boxing boot too in the event that one needs to get in and out of the shoes in under 5 minutes. If one has a shoe size of more than 12, they may have lesser choices.

Wrestling Shoes

They are normally considered to be the same as boxing shoes. Their basic style may look fundamentally the same as boxing shoes, however, their soles are totally unique. They are normally made of canvas and offer a considerable measure of adaptability.

Truth be told, their adaptable nature enables the foot to be used a lot. The sole of a wrestling shoe has a considerable measure of grip, not at all like a boxing shoe which is smooth. They offer a little bit of arch support. Indeed, the Combat Speed III is quite popular in this category. It has an elastic sole and is made of calfskin.

Another well-known style is the Asics Matflex. These are considered as quite useful for a competition and offer an “integrated lace garage which complies with the principles.”

While picking good Martial Arts shoes, one needs to take a few things into consideration. Those considerations surround the reason for how one will utilize the shoes, how consistently one will need to utilize them and whether one needs to utilize them once in a while for training or competitions.

Brands of Bebest st Martial Arts shoes

Adidas has been creating Martial Arts shoes for over 10 years. And is the best seller of these sorts of best martial arts shoes. This brand’s models are the perfect gear for usual wear and training for men and ladies regardless of what their age might be. Adidas Martial Arts shoes are anything but difficult to wear as the foot rapidly slips into or out of them.

These best martial arts shoes are made up of delicate cowhide and have the wad of your foot alongside the pivot point on your heel area to keep it dry and cool through the mesh opening on them. Best Martial Arts shoes are normally more costly when contrasted with different brands, yet their quality makes up for their additional cost.

Different brands are coming up with the quality of Adidas shoes, a large number of them are highly rated by customers. Other brands include Century, Tiger Claw, Pine Tree, and Mooto.


Is hygiene ensured in martial arts shoes?

Wearing shoes will help keep your children, and even adults, from getting skin and parasitic contamination that can be especially common in locker rooms and changing rooms. These contaminations can be easily transferred from common rooms onto the training mats, where they can be spread to anyone. Wearing shoes will prevent the spread of these diseases.

Do Martial arts shoes provide sufficient ankle support?

Best Martial Arts shoes, particularly those with high ankle support, provide additional help and a firm support. This additionally applies to different injuries occurring because of improper landings or footwork errors that can happen regularly should one be taking part in any sports activity. This is particularly obvious when not utilizing legitimate training mats during indoor martial arts training.

Is there sufficient padding protection in martial arts shoes?

Padded best Martial arts shoes protect the upper portion of your foot, helping to prevent the horrible injuries and breaks that can happen from any mishap. This can be particularly imperative amid competing practices when impact with the surface is harder.

For training purposes, is it practical to wear martial arts shoes?

It is obviously no parent’s objective to have their children encounter situations where they have to utilize their Martial arts abilities. If one is considering the utility of martial arts for self-defense, the truth of the matter is that one will never really be shoeless when their training is put to use. To this end, nothing less than a specific measure of training with shoes will guarantee that they are not at a disadvantage if the time comes.

Are Martial Arts Shoes Worn Only for Training?

At the end of the day, one really needs to wear best martial arts shoes should all benefits of training need to be cashed. However, are they really worn during training? Considering all perspectives, there is vague information about what number of trainees are wearing taekwondo shoes, yet in addition to numerous martial arts organizations that have effectively approved the use of Ring star items, there are a few schools, such as Bagwell Academy of Martial Arts in Milford, Connecticut, that require their students to wear shoes.

Indeed, even among high school and grown-up professionals, it is not common to wear shoes while training. A current review by Martial Arts Business Magazine of more than 500 practitioners demonstrated that 29% wanted to wear best martial arts shoes while training and competing.
Besides, there are a few disciplines that have used shoes customarily for quite a long time.

Kung Fu is one of such cases. Additionally, even the customarily “shoeless” practices, like Martial arts, regularly utilize defensive foot pads when fighting, yet these pads don’t offer the help and security of a fully encasing shoe

Martial arts and boxing shoes are hard to find. Despite the fact that a couple of providers in the city convey an extensive variety of athletic shoes, it is simpler to discover a selection on the web. Here is a rundown of a portion of the best martial arts shoes.

What is the difference between Kung Fu and Wing Chun?

Basically there is no difference. Wing Chun is a one kind of Kung Fu of many types of martial arts. Fun fact: all Wing Chun is Kung Fu, but all Kung Fu is not Wing Chun.

What kind of shoes should I wear for martial arts?

Hope you got the answer already. In this article, our experts selected top 10 Kung Fu shoes. You can try any of them.

What is the best martial art for you?

It’s depends on your. Your martial art instructor set it up for you. You should follow your instructor.

What is considered the most deadly martial art?

That one name is Silat, which is most deadly martial art in the world. But, no doubt, Kung Fu is also a hard one.

What is the most beautiful martial art?

May be that one is Aikido. But some says it is Wing Chun or Tae Kwon Do. But I think, if you be a judgmental, you will get the proper answer for yourself.


With regards to casual shoes for martial arts, the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine prescribes that one is fit by a respectable footwear retailer. One may require a specific sort of shoe in view of their individual stride, the scope of movement, curve, and foot measure. Small specialty shops regularly have the items important to match one with the best taekwondo shoes.

People susceptible to foot injuries visit a games prescription podiatrist before taking off to purchase shoes; a podiatrist will survey the foot type and make particular suggestions.

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