Best Parkour Shoes 2018-Buyer’s Guide

High on quality, light in weight and trendy in design, best parkour shoes take no strain to make you run, jump, flip, climb and rotate. Isn’t it what we all are looking for? These world-class shoes have become the sole choice of thousands who are actively involved in sports that include a good deal of fieldwork. But wait, their popularity is not just because they are cool looking, parkour shoes aim towards making people overcome obstacles by just using their own body instead of taking too much effort to initiate an activity.
But wait, their popularity is not just because they are cool looking, Parkour shoes aim towards making people overcome obstacles by just using their own body instead of taking too much effort to initiate an activity. So, whether they wish to jump, climb or roll, they can do anything with absolute freedom by wearing a stylish pair of Parkour shoes.

What allures people towards wearing a smart pair of Parkour shoes is their grip. In other words, these shoes come with such amazing grip that people; are sure to experience unmatched traction. Those who are into high jumping prefer wearing such shoes as they make them jump effortlessly a few inches higher, making them perform with perfection.

Besides, one can sustain his confidence even on wet surfaces without any chances of slipping off with these reliable pairs. So, coming to its durability, it will feel good to know Parkour shoes are known for their glue and threading that add strength and power to them. Even if people use them daily, you can easily make them survive half a year.

Throughout the year, the rock climbers are found shopping for rough and tough shoes that can bring them the pleasure to rock climb on all types of surfaces. With super soft soles and outstanding grip, these shoes are definitely going to make even the city runners fall for them. When it comes to the right fit, rock climbers are just going to have their best bet, and here are two reasons:

  • Parkour shoes are comfortable to wear
  • They come with unique designs and awesome colors. No matter for many hours people wish to wear, these shoes come with a snug fit and will rather save them from landing up in weird angles.

Aerobic trainers also require special footwear to stay at ease during their training sessions, and the Parkour shoes have a great role to play here also. Wearing such pairs, one achieves tremendous flexibility in his movements and agility as well, and this is one of the reasons why Parkour shoes are now counted among the ideal footwear for aerobic professionals. Having said that, the pair dates back to those days when it used to cater to recreational sports, it has achieved immense popularity in the category of aerobic training.

parkour footwearAerobic trainer who is looking to stay healthy and fit, Parkour shoes will certainly prove to be a true companion, and there are reasons why they are so popular among the people: With a brilliant absorption capacity, these lightweight shoes with firm soles will just work wonders in making strong performance in the field. With no excessive cushioning, these new-age pairs will give more natural movement, thereby freeing people from the hassle to carry it with too much effort.

Well, a lot of users might express concerns regarding their price. However, given those outstanding features and multiple positive aspects, the best Parkour shoes just surpass the budgetary factor with their sole, material, performance, durability and what not. For years, it had catered to runners and rock climbers, and now it is continuing the legacy to impress aerobic trainers, high jumpers, and many other sports practitioners.

So, it can be said that Parkour shoes, apart from being beneficial in bettering one’s field performance, outscore other footwear in terms of keeping one active and also ensuring that one is able to sustain his body balance in the best possible manner. If you are, therefore, willing to invest in Parkour footwear, believe it or not, your investment will not go in vain.

So let’s begin our review on the best parkour shoes that you can buy

1. Merrell Vapor Glove 2- Stay sweat free, stay light

Put an end to the frantic search for that perfect footwear as Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail will now take the field performance to a whole new level. With a high-quality rubber sole, this pair comes with a sticky Vibram outsole that results in traction. Wearing this feather-light trail shoe, one will feel extremely comfortable, even if they wish to wear it for hours. Moreover, its breathable mesh upper will keep the foot cozy, thereby making it easier for one to do all types of activities, right from running and jumping to rock climbing and aerobics training.

Sweat Free

What makes Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 stay away from sweat and moisture is its everlasting M Select Fresh feature. With this, it sustains freshness while its antimicrobial agents keep odor miles away.

Comfortable to Wear

As the pair comes with lug patterns, it achieves stability in diverse conditions and therefore, results in more comfort for the wearer. It even ensures good traction under extreme temperatures as well as on both wet and dry surfaces.

Value for Money

Blending style, comfort, and technology, Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 is no doubt value for money. Despite having a plethora of outstanding features, it has a price tag that will never burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Light in weight and therefore, comfortable to wear
  • M Select Fresh keeps odors away
  • Too much narrow in terms of shape, which makes it uncomfortable for some people
  • Upper unit not long-lasting

2. Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 – Carrying the traditional strength

Having counted among the most valuable footwear for technical runners during the 80s, Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 is vegan-friendly and has been made from a blend of nylon, mesh and synthetic. With its major comeback, it has gained a new look, alluring young and old alike. Light in weight, it comes with a typical lace-up closure that gives it a secure fit. With 2-tone EVA midsole along with flex channels, this trendy pair achieves more flexibility and provides cushioning as well. What makes it even better is its rubber sole makes it perfect for great traction.

Revolutionized Outsole

What makes Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 stands responsible for its enhanced stability is its modernized outsole, thereby providing one with shock absorption.

Cozy on the Foot

With fine textile lining, it comes with a light-padded collar and strong TPU heel that makes it quite comfortable to wear.


The upper part of Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 is fully vegan-friendly, which suggests zero use of animal products, thereby ensuring safety for the skin.

  • Has rubber outsole that gives good traction
  • Vegan uppers ensure complete safety for the skin
  • Not very warm for mild weather conditions
  • Treads start coming out within six months of use

3. Vibram KSO EVO-Sole for the flexibility you are looking for

Having been a part of the original KSO (Keep Stuff Out), KSO EVO (Evolution) came into action in February 2014, and now, it’s the most versatile footwear in the Vibram FiveFingers collection. Popular for its thick soles, its enhanced stability and dexterity come from its individual toe slots. It weighs so less that it is considered best for road running as well as for dry trails, treadmills, leisure, and travel. Regular gym goers will love wearing a pair of Vibram KSO EVO as it comes with a breathable mesh upper polyester fabric that will keep all odors away.

Snug Fit and Flexible

What gives Vibram KSO EVO a snug fit for users is its upper lace while its sole comes in a zig-zag pattern, making it absolutely flexible in different directions.

Easy to Wash

One of the top aspects about Vibram KSO EVO shoes is that it can be easily machine washed in cold water.

Great Traction

This trendy footwear from the FiveFingers collection has a sole made of premium-quality rubber that allows it for great traction.

  • Beneficial for those who run on treadmills and dry trails
  • Very easy to wash and maintain
  • Sole is very thin and not durable
  • Fabric not long-lasting and wears off in no time

4. Puma Narita V2- Modern style and robust performance

Of course, it should be no surprise to see world’s renowned athletic brand on this list, Puma brings a pair of running shoes that not only looks vibrant but is also high on style. Equipped with modernized technology, Puma Narita V2 shoes are extremely light in weight featuring trendy lace-ups to improve your performance. Orange in color, this pair comes equipped with EcoOrthoLite sock liner that is absolutely breathable and ensures an optimum and good fit. With rubber outsole, it allows for extra cushioning while its air mesh upper and synthetic suede overlays are designed to add support to the major areas. With a narrow fit, it will give a complete casual look.

High protection underfoot

With EVA midsole, Puma Narita V2 assures the user to enjoy high protection underfoot and good cushioning as well. Equipped with geo-pattern mesh, it also has formstrip at sides that make it look stand out from other footwear.

Comfortable to wear

Having fused with Ecoortholite technology, a breathable sock liner will take the comfort to the next level. What stops the heat from affecting the insole to create odor is its improved air flow.

Worth every penny

Puma Narita V2 is worth every penny as it is a world class footwear at a very pocket-friendly price. If you are wearing Puma, you are wearing the best a person can think of.

  • Rubber outsole for extra cushioning
  • Quite breathable and keeps all sweat away
  • Not so much comfortable to wear
  • Does not provide strong support

5. Nike Flex Rn 2016-A lightweight delight for your soles

Flexible, modish and colorful, Nike Flex Rn 2016 is just the right choice for all those who are looking for a new style statement. What makes it a winner among its rivals is its weight that is extremely light. No matter for how long you are willing to run, this amazing pair from Nike will keep you cozy for hours. With lace-up closure and lightly padded tongue, it comes with a rubber sole that gives it superb traction. As the lacing system is meant for its adjustable lockdown, the wearer will be able to sustain balance in the midst of an activity, be it running, jumping or climbing. Cleaning Service at its best

Unmatched Breathability

Nike Flex Rn 2016 is made of a fabric having unmatched breathability, keeping the feet away from sweat and odor.

Works wonders at gyms

Sporting a minimalistic design, this classy pair from the house of Nike is so light in weight that one would love wearing it for hours at the gym.

Excellent grip

No matter how wet the conditions are, Nike Flex Rn 2016 will get you an unquestionable grip, making your movements flexible.

  • High on durability and therefore, lasts long
  • Light in weight and vibrant in look
  • Has a very narrow feet
  • Outsole is not much secured

6. Minimus 20 v5 trainer- Perfect for your regular run

Minimus 20 V5 takes a grand entry in the form of a cross-trainer that will now prepare one for not only training but also free-running. Built with minimal design, it brings supreme comfort to the wearer, making him stay cozy for long hours.With a design being almost close to a round cut, it gives the user a natural feelwhile its heavy cushioninghelp to boost up the steps. What also makes it achieve a strong grip on diverse surfaces is its high traction extracted from its sturdy outsole. Light in weight, it is a preferred choice for all those who are into regular field practice sessions.

Burrito Tongue

What makes Minimus 20 V5 stand out from others is its Burrito Tongue that enables a locked-in fit, thereby keeping the tongue in the right position.

Vibram Outsole

If you talk about durability and grip, Minimus 20 V5 is a champ as it comes equipped with a Vibram outsole, which also adds to its lifespan.

Goodbye to Odors

Forget wearing socks every time with this pair as it has anti-bacterial agents that would keep your shoe devoid of bacteria, making it free from odors.

  • Burrito tongue assures a locked-in feel
  • Revlite midsole makes it light in weight
  • Material surrounding the ankle and heal box is firmer
  • The shoe front is very large

7. Vibram Trek Ascent- Trek your way with exceptional level of comfort

If trekking is the dream then, the Vibram Trek Ascent will just bowl those people over with its unconventional design and unmatched comfort. Walk on muddy tracks, run off the dirty roads, move on the pebbles and do whatever the foot says with this exceptional footwear from Vibram. Trek lovers, in other words, will no doubt take pleasure to hit the coarsest of roads as these shoes are designed to keep users comfortable on all types of surfaces. Even if people are walking on stones, they will feel real stimulations in the foot, with Vibram Men’s Trek Ascent. Now hike in all odd conditions and head to off-road adventures with no worries.

Dries Quick

Apart from being lightweight and breathable, its upper fabric is high on quality that dries off in no time. So, even if the toes are surrounded by water with the shoes on, it will take moments for the water to dry off.

Swift lace-system

Its swift lace system keeps users away from the hassles of tying laces. Instead, the lace can be popped on to the Velcro tab and the job is done.

Awesome Grip

With a mega grip measuring up to 9mm in terms of thickness, Vibram Trek Ascent gives one the confidence to cope on trails in various weather conditions.

  • 9 mm thick grip
  • Swift lace system eliminates the tying of laces
  • Carry chances to stink
  • Thin sole and upper fabric often break apart

8. Evolv Cruzer Approach- The perfect choice for casual yet stylish look

Eye-catching in the real sense of the term, Evolv Cruzer Approach is indubitably a sensational pair of shoes. Light in weight, it is a new-age footwear that will now get the perfect casual look that people have been waiting for. Sleek in design, it is sure to win the hearts of rock climbers who will be impressed with the pair’s snug fit. Being a lace-up shoe, it can be lifted up on the mid-foot while its heel section can allow for a slip-on entry by folding it down to the footbed. If by any chance you are heading to a rock climber’s birthday party, Evolv Cruzer Approach will be his dream present.

Best for long routes

If long routes are what you head to more often, nothing can keep you at peace than Evolv Cruzer Approach. Its Trax rubber sole smoothens each and every step, making the wearer feel relaxed throughout the journey.

Precise Fit

No matter how deadly the rocks are, climbing would never take a backseat for the precise fit assured by Evolv Cruzer Approach.

Comfy on the boulders

Certainly, Evolv Cruzer Approach earns a tick in the category of comfort with its flat EVA midsole that makes it perfect to take swift walks through the boulders.

  • Very convenient to wear for its rubber sole
  • Versatile to walk on different paths
  • Foot support not so strong
  • Not very long-lasting

9. Puma Faas 500 V4- Top calls running shoes with great cushioning

When it comes to choosing an ideal pair of running shoes, the brand that often strikes our mind is Puma. With some good deal of cushioning, Puma Faas 500 V4 defines comfort in the best possible manner. With a minimalist design, its feather-light fabric makes it one of the coziest pairs for one and all. What establishes its neutral foot movement is its Everfit 2.0 feature that also assures a secure fit. As it eliminates the use of socks, it brings on a soothing barefoot experience that will give one the freedom to walk or run in comfort. Priced quite affordable, Puma Faas 500 V4 will never leave with an empty pocket.

Protection Overruled

Puma Faas 500 V4 comes with a TPU toe cap that assures complete protection to the toes, making your adventures safe and fun.

Step-in Comfort

Featuring an Oetholite sock liner, this amazing pair from the house of Puma will keep your foot miles away from discomfort and let them enjoy the trails like they had never done it.

Best within Budget

Despite being equipped with such features that ensure complete safety and protection to the foot, Puma Faas 500 V4 is just within the budget.

  • High safety features enabled for added protection
  • Extra cushioning for more comfort
  • Not much durable on regular use
  • Too narrow a fit

10. Nike Dart 12- Get that extra push on the field

Running with intense speed will no more seem to be a challenge with Nike Dart 12 as it comes with that extra-push that is much needed on running tracks. Scoring high in both breathability and acceleration, there is nothing like this pair that will make your foot glide away in glory. Its black colored lace-ups, moreover, are sure to make a person showstopper, no matter where they wish to wear it. With a glove-like fit, it will be easier for one to wear it without any inconvenience. Moreover, its mesh upper, rubber outsole, and robust midsole allow for improved traction and fine cushioning.

Super underfoot experience

Owing to a good deal of cushioning, wearers are going to have a pleasant underfoot experience with Nike Dart 12. This would certainly help runners to complete their laps with no effort on the foot.

Cooling sensation on the feet

As a good deal of air is allowed to flow inside the foot chamber, one will not be left with sweaty feet and will rather feel comfortable to run.

Rubber Outsole for more Comfort

As Nike Dart 12 comes equipped with a rubber outsole, it will never wear off easily and also keep people at comfort, no matter for how long they wish to wear it.

  • Gives the feet a cooling sensation
  • Great traction for its rubber outsole
  • Arch support is not much efficient
  • Upper fabric starts ripping off after regular use


Be it climbing the rocks, running on the tracks, taking the wildest of trails or heading to an off-route adventure, what you need in all such instances is a premium quality and sturdy pair of shoes. You need to ensure that every step you are taking is safe enough to help you progress. parkour shoes

No matter how smooth your journey is, a pair of poor quality shoes can land you in a pool of troubles. At this juncture, what can act as a savior is a trendy pair of Parkour shoes. Most importantly, you need to choose the right pair that can give you proper traction and doesn’t tear apart in bits while you are trekking. Here are a few points to keep in mind prior to bringing home a pair of Parkour shoes. Take a look:

Arch support

Just imagine how careful it needs to be during those sensitive landings. While buying a pair of Parkour shoes, one must, therefore, check the arch support to ensure that your feet are not slipping off. However, there are certain shoes that do not require arches. If for instance, you are looking for a pair of sneakers, the feet will have enough support to handle the landings.

Thick Sole

Needless to say, it is the most important consideration for one who has plans to buy a pair of Parkour shoes. Shoes with good soles will result in better protection, grip, traction, shock absorption and of course durability. Moreover, what should not be ignored is choosing the right out sole as it would also help in bettering your grip and preventing you from slipping.

Light in weight

One of the disadvantages of weighty shoes is that they restrict the wearer from gaining much height and also make it difficult to overcome obstacles on the way. The lighter your shoes are, the better is your control as well as your body movements. Trainers, therefore, prefer wearing light sneakers so that they can concentrate more on training.


If you have never worn Parkour shoes earlier, go for those that have more cushioning. Although they might be getting sloppy moves during the initial stage, they might then move to sneakers, allowing for more flexibility.

Grip ability

people never know as on what type of surfaces they might be compelled to walk, especially during those off-route treks. Therefore, it’s always best to choose shoes with strong grips that will make it easier for people to walk on all types of surfaces, especially the odd ones.

That was it, these five points are surely going to help. Just do not make the blunder of compromising quality for the price, and believe it or not, these shoes are bound to make the people happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for Parkour?

The best parkour shoes are those that are designed to improve both performance and safety.However, a lot of people find it difficult to choose the best pair. There are several brands that keep manufacturing high-quality parkour shoes throughout the year.Where some shoes are designed for trail running or casual running, some are designed for rock climbers and some for workouts. One, therefore, needs to choose a pair, according to a person’s needs and then only, he can judge how best it is.

Are Parkour shoes good for skin?

 Since Parkour shoes are built of high-quality fabric and breathable material, they allow a lot of air to pass through. This eliminates the accumulation of sweat and odor, which would have otherwise affected the skin to a good extent. Moreover, the majority of Parkour shoes come with safety features for added protection that also keeps the skin free of complications. So, Parkour shoes are definitely good for skin.

What is the ideal Parkour shoe for rock-climbing?

If someone is a rock climber, buying good quality and sturdy Parkour shoes will be necessary. So, people just need to keep a few things in mind to ensure that they are buying that right pair. Firstly, check the length of the foot because all shoes do not come with the same fit.In fact, some may be narrow while some may be wide. Secondly, consider how long they have been doing rock climbing since this would give you a fair idea of the support your foot needs.Thirdly, what climbing style do they prefer is important to consider as it would help you choose a specific pair. Lastly,the grades they climb must also be taken into consideration.Remember, it’s based on the grades that the terrain differs.

Is it essential to replace my Parkour shoes from time to time?

There is no such necessity to replace Parkour shoes with time. The durability is different for different shoes.However, the best time to replace a pair of Parkour shoes when they see it is gradually breaking down. Certain parts might be ripped apart or the wearer might not get adequate grip and support.In these cases, there is no point investing money or effort in repairing them. It is always better to invest in a new shoe than getting hurt in the midst of an activity.

Are Parkour shoes for free-running too expensive?

Parkour shoes that are meant for free-running are not necessarily expensive. Even if you find them a bit pricey, investing for the same would certainly be profitable in the long-run. Free-running Parkour shoes are available in various brands, and the prices differ accordingly. However, it is always recommended to buy branded shoes with safety features and sturdy outsoles so that they can withstand regular wear and tear. Cheap shoes might work for the time being but you might later need to invest in a good one.

Are Parkour shoes easy to clean and maintain?

One of the noteworthy aspects of Parkour shoes is their fabric that takes no effort to clean. Using a mild washing detergent and a bit of water will keep up the look of these shoes. If you wear them regularly, try cleaning it at least on a weekly basis so that the durability of the fabric along with their look is sustained.