Best Shoe Shine Kit Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide

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Keeping your shoes clean and shiny is important for making a good impression. The look of your shoes can say a lot about you. So, if you go to a special meeting or job interview, your leather shoes must be perfect.

If you don’t have the money to buy new shoes, there are several ways to keep your old leather shoes looking like new. The best one is to buy the best professional shoe shine kit. These shoe shine kits contain all the materials and tools you need to extend the lifespan of your shoes.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best shoe shine kit for you considering some key aspects. You’ll also find a top 5 list with the best-selling shoe shine kits of 2022.

Best Shoe Shine Kit 2022

Kit NameItems NumberWeight (lbs)Price (USD)
Kiwi Black Shoe Polish Kit50.6
Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet94.1
Kiwi Select Shoe Care Kit60.55
Stone & Clark Shoe Polish & Care Kit120.95
FootMatters Shoe Shine Valet Kit185.35


If you love to know about shoe shine kit within a short time, you should read this FAQs part. So, you can get your answer within a short time.

Is Instant Shine bad for shoes?

Yes. Instant Shine contains harsh chemicals that can damage leather goods. For best results, it’s better to apply old-fashioned methods.

How can I shine my shoes at home?

In case you don’t have shoe cream polish at home, you can try these methods:

  • Rub the inside of a banana peel on your shoe.
  • Apply olive oil or petroleum jelly to condition leather goods and prevent cracking.
What do you need in a shoe shine kit?

You need these basic elements:

  • Shoe shine box
  • Shoe polish tins
  • Soft shine cloth
  • Shine Brush (es)
What is the best shoe polish?

By far, Kiwi shoe polish is the best of all. It’s made with natural ingredients that condition and help preserve leather. Shoe polish is a tool of a shoe shine kit. Each and every best shoe shine kit has one ore more shoe polish.

What is the best shoe cream?

Shoe cream is the another tool of a shoe shine kit. No doubt, Cherry Blossom shoe cream is the best shoe shine cream. It also helps to restore shine and color of deteriorated leather shoes.

Top 5 Best Shoe Shine Kit Reviews

Now we are going to write details review on our selected best shoe shine kits. If you read these reviews carefully, you can easily understand, which one is perfect for you. So, let’s go!

1. Kiwi Black Shoe Polish Kit

From our top best shoe shine kits list, this leather shoe care kit is one of the best one. Kiwi Black Shoe Polish Kit has everything you need to make your old leather shoes shine. In addition, the shoe polish is very easy to apply and you don’t need to rub too much to get good results. It also contains Carnauba wax for extra shine and waterproof protection.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Dauber
  • 2 Shoe polish tins (Black)
  • 1 Brush
  • 1 Shine Cloth
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting shine and protection
  • It extends the lifespan of leather shoes
  • The bristles may easily detach from the brush
  • The shoe polish tends to accumulate between the bristles

Using Kiwi Black Shoe Polish Kit is undoubtedly the best way to shine shoes. You can take it with you everywhere, because it’s compact and lightweight. Also, the polishing cloth process won’t take too long. The results are evident with the first shine brush strokes.

2. Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet

This kit includes a sturdy wooden valet box to store all your shoe polishing tools. The box has a foot pedal on the top, so you can polish your shoes while wearing them. This kit would be an excellent gift for your father or grandfather.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 2 Shoe polish tins (Black and brown)
  • 2 Soft cloths
  • 1 Shoe horn
  • 2 shoe Brushes
  • 2 Daubers
  • 100% Horsehair brush bristles
  • Durable and resistant wooden box
  • Durable shine and protection
  • Easy to use
  • The hinges of the wooden box are too fragile
  • The wooden surface may scratch so easily

Kiwi Select Shoe Care kit is an all-in-one shoe polishing station. The box is made with top quality materials, to keep your shoe polishing tools safe. In addition, it has a classic design that reminds those old-fashioned shoe shine boxes from 1950’s.

3. Kiwi Select Shoe Care Kit

This kit includes a reusable pouch to store all your shoe polishing tools. The pouch is durable and will last a lifetime with you. Best of all, the entire kit costs no more than $20. So, if your budget is short, this may be a great deal for you.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 2 Shoe polish tins (Black and brown)
  • 1 Brush
  • 2 Shoe daubers
  • 1 Soft cloth
  • Carrying pouch included
  • Easy to use
  • Durable shine and protection
  • The shoe polish tends to accumulate between the bristles
  • The shine brush may easily lose its bristles

If most the best electric shoe polisher and buffer are too expensive for you, you may consider this option. The reusable pouch is very practical and allows you to carry your polishing tools with you everywhere. Without a doubt, the best shoe polish kit for the price.

4. Stone & Clark Shoe Polish & Care Kit

Stone & Clark Care Kit is a luxury product. It contains more items than you’ll find in any other kit. Also, it has a classic and elegant design. The box is made of PU leather, which gives it an old-fashioned shoes looking.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 2 Wooden shoe brushes
  • 3 Shoe polish tins (Black, brown and neutral)
  • 3 Soft cloths
  • 1 Shoe horn
  • 2 Shine sponges
  • It includes more items than other leather shoe care kits
  • Cheap
  • Portable
  • The shine brushes are little bit small
  • The good shoe polish may run out too fast

If you’re looking for something compact and luxurious at the same time, this is your best choice. Stone & Clark Care Kit is versatile and you can use it on black and brown leather shoes. In addition, it’s cheaper than you think. So, it’s an excellent buying option for people on a budget.

5. FootMatters Shoe Shine Valet Kit

This shoe care valet kit includes all the leather shoe care products for shining your shoes from moisture and keep them shiny all the time. It also includes a durable 100% cedar box. Also, on the top of the box there’s a shoe holder to easily polish your shoes.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Black boot cream
  • 1 Snow shield
  • 2 Shine cloths
  • 1 Mink oil paste
  • 1 Leather lotion
  • 100% Cedar box
  • Durable shine and protection
  • It protects for shining your shoes from moisture
  • The cedar box is fragile
  • The brushes are little bit small

If your leather shoes are exposed to moisture most of the time, this is the product you need. Using this kit is the best way to shine shoes and boots. All the shoe care products in this kit are top-quality. Unfortunately, the box is fragile, which is very disappointing.

Buying Guide

Leather shoes are too delicate. Therefore, they require a special treatment to look like new all the time. The best shoe shine kits contains all the materials and equipment necessary for this purpose. In addition, these shoe care kits are very cheap and you can take them with you wherever you want.

What differentiates a good shoe shine kit from a generic product is the quality of its content. The shoe polish, cloths and brushes must be made of top-quality materials. In addition, the whole kit should be easy to use and provide satisfactory results in a short time.

In this buying guide you’ll learn how to choose the best shoe cleaner for all shoes or boots. After reading this valuable information, you’ll be better prepared to make a good decision.

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish is available in many different forms. You can find it in carnauba wax, cream, lotion and spray. Each variety with its pros and cons. Choosing the right shoe polish for you depends on many factors. The current state of the leather care and the time you have to invest in polishing cloth are basic references.

For example, if you want fast results with minimal effort, lotions are the best choice. However, lotions also have a negative side. They can be easily removed with water. So, it isn’t the best alternative on places with rainy weather.

Cream and wax have a similar texture. Both of these products require some extra effort to give good results. To leave your shoes shiny and perfect, you’ll have to rub the leather surface for several minutes. So, if you’re looking for quick results, this isn’t the best option.

However, cream and wax create a long lasting shine film on the leather care which is resistant to humidity and other external agents. Before buying, make sure the cream and wax are made with natural ingredients like beeswax or mink oil.

Mink oil has excellent properties. For example, it’s resistant to oxidation and helps condition all types of leather. On the other hand, beeswax gives a durable glossy finish to leather.

Spray shoe polish has similar properties to lotion. However, it’s much faster and easier to apply. It’s perfect for giving a quick touch up to your pair of shoes or boots when you’re having an important meeting.


Shoe brushes made with natural materials are always the best. Nylon bristles are very durable, but they tend to scratch the surface when they’re too hard. However, a nylon brush with soft and thin bristles is perfect for a shinier finish.

Best natural materials for bristles are horsehair brush, wild boar hair, goat hair and yak hair. Horsehair from the tail and wild boar hair are best for applying wax or cream. Bristles made of these materials are stiff, so they don’t deform so easily.

For application brushes, everything you need long and stiff bristles that hold their shape when you insert them into the shoe polish. On the other hand, soft bristles made of goat hair or yak hair are better for polishing.

Yak hair brushes are the most expensive of all. However, the final finish you get with one of these justifies the money investment.

Other important factors that you have to consider before buying are the shape and size of the brushes. Usually, application brushes don’t have to be too big. However, they must have a long and ergonomic handle. That way, you can better dip it into the shoe polish tin without risk of staining your hands.

On the other hand, polishing brushes must have a wide contact or surface. That way, you can considerably reduce the time you invest on polishing. So, it your best shoe shine kits includes small brushes, it isn’t recommended to buy it.


The cloths should be soft to prevent scratches on the surface. The best materials in this case are cotton and microfiber. Comparing both materials, microfiber is better than cotton for many reasons.

For example, microfiber is made with thin polyester and nylon fibers. These synthetic materials are more resistant than cotton and aren’t prone to pest attack. On the other hand, microfiber is much more absorbent than cotton.

Having a high absorption means that the shine cloth will be more effective removing excess shoe polish from the surface. To get a glossy finish, you just need a thin layer of shoe polish. Leaving too much product on the surface will leave a matte finish.

Microfiber cloths can be washed several times without trouble. Also, they’re resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Any shoe shine kit should have at least one shine cloth per shoe polish color. So, you’ll need three cloths in case you have black, brown and neutral shoe polish. It isn’t recommended to use the same shine cloth with different shoe polish tones. You run the risk of dying your shoes permanently.

In case that happens, you can apply shoe polish removers. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll regain the original tone of the shoe.


Another thing you should look for in any shoe shine kit is a durable and resistant box. In the market, you can find shoe shine boxes made of plastic, PU leather and hardwood. Among all, hardwood boxes are the best.

Most common hardwood types used on shoe shine boxes are cedar, pine and oak. Oak boxes are by far the best choice. Oak also has a dense structure and its natural oils act as insect repellants. In addition, it’s resistant to warping, cracking, decay and twisting.

Oak boxes can last forever. However, it’s recommended that the wood pieces are thick to resist high impacts. Having a strong structure is especially recommended if the box has a shoe holder. That way, you can support your body weight on the box without breaking it.

However, shoe boxes also have a big con. They take up too much space. So, they aren’t the best option to take on a trip. In that case, a carrying pouch would be a better option.

Shoe Sponge

A shoe sponge will help you get a shiny finish in less time. A sponge has a greater absorption capacity than a microfiber cloth. So, it’s much more effective at removing excess shoe polish from the surface. A natural or synthetic sponge will work just fine on this case.


Shoe polish is very common in the market. You can find it in shoe stores, supermarkets and even on the Internet. It’s also available in a wide variety of brands. However, not all brands are really good.

Some brands use synthetic ingredients to make their products. This way, they incredibly reduce production costs. However, cheap ingredients don’t guarantee such good results.

As said before, natural ingredients help preserve leather and leave a long-lasting shiny effect on the surface. Only the best brands use natural ingredients in their formula. So, if you’re trying a brand for the first time, check out the ingredients of the product to verify its quality.

If you don’t want to take a risk, always go for the best brands on the market. Cherry Blossom and Kiwi are two excellent choices. In fact, Cherry Blossom was the first shoe polish brand on the UK. Now, it’s the only shoe polish produced on the country. Also, the quality of this product is globally recognized.


Before buying your new shoe shine kit, it’s also recommended that you read several Internet reviews before making a decision. Reading Internet reviews is the best way to know the opinion of former buyers. This is the kind of information that you’ll never find in product specifications.

You can find hundreds of different reviews on shopping websites. Usually, these websites use a 5-star system to rate the quality of products. If the rating of the product is less than four stars, it’s better not to buy.

The reputation of the seller is also important. So make sure not many buyers have complaints. If the majority of the opinions are negative, it’s advisable to choose another buying choice.


Once you find the perfect shoe shine kit for you, it’s time to look for prices. Fortunately, most of these shoe shine kits are affordable. However, if you want a luxurious kit with a beautiful oak box, you’ll have to invest some serious money.

As said before, you can find these kits in supermarkets, shoe stores and e-stores. So, there are a lot of places to look for different prices. The more prices you find, the better. After that, you have to calculate the average value of the collected prices. Choose the shoe shine kit with the price closest to the calculated value.

If that price far exceeds your budget, it’s better to consider a different option. For example, you can buy a second- hand product. On the Internet, you can find lots of different options for less than $20. Usually, the only second-hand item on the kit is the box. The brush, cloths and shoe polish tins are brand new.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to consider before buying a shoe shine kit. Above all, make sure the shoe polish is made with natural materials. In addition, the bristles must be authentic horsehair brush or any other natural fiber with similar properties.

The shoe shine box must be sturdy, made of durable materials. Make sure to check the thickness of the box materials before buying. If they’re too thin, the box will break very easily. If you carefully follow each of these tips, you’ll have a high chance of finding the perfect kit for your shoes.

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