Best Yoga Shoes Reviews 2021 & Buying Guide

If you are doing yoga often, you need some best yoga shoes. In this article we are going to say about it in details. But before it, here is an introduction to yoga.

The words yoga means ‘union,’. And is a series of stretches and poses that a person does to achieve a more positive outlook on life. And a permanent sense of peace and serenity.

An individual’s inner-self cannot connect with its exterior unless the person is comfortable in his or her skin. And a yogi gets comfortable by putting on the right apparel and wearing the best yoga shoes!


Because the heart of yoga lies in a meditative movement meant to relax and also instill strength. Therefore, yogis keep clothing and equipment to the minimum: comfortable shorts or leggings, simple tanks or tees, and mats. However, no matter how minimalist a yogi is, an essential not to be overlooked is:

Authentic yoga footwear!

With practically hundreds of shoes on the market, finding the right pair can be overwhelming.  After much testing, the writer narrowed down the principal features of authentic yoga footwear. Firstly, comfort matters; finding an appropriate cushion, the right toe-to-heel, and respirable fabrics will bring renewed vitality to any Vinyasa.

Best Yoga Shoes 2020

ItemColorSoleBuy Now
ANLUKE Water ShoesMultiSoft rubber
Vibram Five FingersMultiRubber
Sanuk Women's YogaBlackRubber
Hmiya Aqua SocksMultiPolyurethane
Women's VI-SMultiRubber
Nbera 2EcondskinMultiNeoprene
TIOSEBON Yoga SneakersMultiRubber
L-Run UnisexMultiRubber
Nufoot Betsy LouMultiRubber
NING MENGMultiRubber

Top 10 Yoga Shoes Reviews

Here are top 10 good, perfect & best yoga shoes reviews. Hope these will helpful for you. And you can make your decision that which one is perfect for you. So let’s go!

01. ANLUKE Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Yoga Socks Quick-Dry Beach Swim Surf Shoes

ANLUKE Water Shoes are an ideal fit to kick off yoga in the summers. The patented  Anti-slip sole means that you can use it anywhere and anytime. And not worry about rocks, stickers, or other possible harm to the foot. They dry quickly and are offered in a minimal, beautiful shape.


As comfortable and virtually slipper like as this meditative footwear feel. So the grip is optimized for grueling workouts and balance work. A soft and protective microfiber bolstering toe guard restricts dragging and over-wear tearing, while also keeping feet more comfortable.

A yogi’s toes will thank them when they get into positions that require toe support, for example, Chaturanga Dandasana. The ergonomic design contours to the feet create a supportive yet respirable second skin. 100% Spandex upper material enables expanded stretching to handle high impact movement.


It is available in many vibrant colors, both intense and contrasting making a feel good and adorable look possible. ANLUKE Water Shoes are one of the most affordable yoga shoes for an all-around functionality.

Here are some positive and negative sides of this shoe.

  • Anti-slip sole for flexible fit
  • Very comfortable Feeling
  • Perhaps a half size up for toe satisfaction

02. Vibram Five Fingers Women’s V-Soul Fitness and Cross Training Yoga Shoe

The Vibram Five Fingers Women’s V-Soul is a supremely comfortable, flexible yoga shoe for practicing different types of meditative sessions from advanced to basic. A yogi can use them on grass, mat, or on harder surfaces, as they offer ample grip to prevent slipping.


The footwear fits seamlessly on all of the toes much like a glove, while also rendering a degree of arch support to your feet. With a zero drop heel to toe offset, an individual can feel natural, nearly barefoot with VIBRAM ALITZA Loop on while receiving all the benefits they provide with protection and grip.

Its minimal design enables flexibility and a feel that is tailor-made for every-day yoga sessions. They are manufactured from a highly breathable fabric that stretches organically with the feet making poses easy to carry out without limitations. In light of its benefits, these provide great value at a reasonable price making them one of the finest shoes.

  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Zero drop
  • Affordable price
  • Machine washable
  • High traction and grip
  • Pinky toe space may be too small for some individuals.

03. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2-Best for flat feet

Sanuk Sling is super light, extra comfortable, and is one of the most affordable shoes commercially available.  A yogi will love practicing his or her Ashtanga in the backyard, on the beach, or camping with these meditative shoes that protect while still feeling barely-there.


Sanuk Sling’s  U rubber sponge outsole allows perfect traction. No chemicals are used in its manufacturing which enables its user to avoid toxins and ensure foot health. All the benefits of feeling barefoot and all the benefits of a safer outdoor asana! Yes, please!


Sanuk Sling give the feel of a comfortable sock inbuilt into a shoe with enough power for yoga, surf, trail rides, and workouts. A pair weighs merely 43 grams and gives new meaning to the definition of an ultra-lightweight comfort design.


The Sanuk Sling’ enables breath ability with flexibility as a yogi’s feet are supported with a design that allows lots of motion and expansion following intense workouts.

  • super lightweight
  • Nontoxic materials
  • Comfy but barely-there fit
  • Not adjustable

04. HMIYA Yoga Shoes

HMIYA promises a flexible, waterproof option and delivers on it by offering a feeling almost as if the person is wearing socks, making them ideal for yogis looking for quality shoes high in comfort. The footwear’s form fit enables a pleasant way to enjoy any level of yoga, as the tread on the outsole restricts slipping, while the breathable fabric cuts down sweating and moisture build-up.


The breathable aspect of the material makes it perfect for extended yoga sessions, since the shoes support optimal support to the arch, as well as the ankle, giving the liberty to perform all poses comfortably. The high-quality material will stand the test of constant use and abuse, while fabric’s flexibility will allow a person to move without worrying about it warping or tearing easily.

For a price range that starts modestly, you can not beat the value HMIYA offers or find a better pair of affordable yoga shoes.

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Respirable fabric
  • Homely outer shell
  • Long lasting performance
  • Offers a form fit
  • The soles of the feet do not last long

05. WOMEN’S VI-S Fitness and Yoga Sandals

A hybrid design offering an encounter between graceful walking shoe and cross trainer makes it one of the finest yoga shoes. A serrated blade lug shape and rubber sole function in tandem to keep a yogi’s feet slip-free and surefooted for a secure practice enabling him or her to take the practice outdoors for a solid-traction workout.

It is a unique mesh of elegance and durability!

Moreover, the great fit of VI-S wrapped into an adorable, open-sandal aesthetic makes it the perfect go-anywhere shoe. A female can choose from statement-making hot pink, elegant beige, or subtle black. Although do not be deceived by the exquisite lace fabric – it actually hosts to a well-designed, sturdy polyester blend.


Its zero drop means the feel of shoeless yoga with the benefits of a highly-insulated and fitted support shoe. Also, It is easilymachine wash and air dry which makes it a perfect companion to a hardcore feminine yogi’s workout. It is available at a medium price point against an excellent value.

  • Lace accents wrap strong materials for tough support.
  • toothed blade lug design
  • May run large, refer to sizing chart

06. NBERA 2econdskin Yoga Exercise-Best Men’s Shoes

NBERA2ECONDSKIN means very little interference with body motion or natural feel while keeping feet toxic free at the gym or the beach. Its Neoprene outsole offers fantastic grip on the mat, while the no-slip traction is so sturdy that practicing yoga on a slippery surface would not have a yogi losing grip during the half moon position.

More luxuriously;

These fitness shoes come with a removable cushioned insole allowing wearers to decide just how much barefoot they want their practice to feel. A yogi would love the ergonomic feel designed into 1.7 ounces of featherlight fabric. The precisely engineered silicon foam treatment guarantees resilience and a solid shape.

Also, do not forget that;

The Liquid PU foaming technique keeps the shoes more durable and resistant to wear.

  • Upgraded, long-lasting materials including Liquid PU Foaming
  • Removable cushioned insole
  • Runs small purchase a size up if you are a half size

07. TIOSEBON Women’s Walking Sock Shoes Lightweight Slip on Breathable Yoga Sneakers

TIOSEBON Women’s Walking Sock Shoes offer a highly comfortable-to-the-touch feel and fit that a hardcore yogi needs from good shoes. The individual will also appreciate their respirable mesh fabric that supplies moisture wicking and ample air regulation.

These are extremely lightweight and offer one of the most flexible uppers on this list. Therefore, with the ability to move with feather-like feet, a yogi can seamlessly transition through motions without worrying about anything holding the feet down.


Being slip-resistant is the primary feature of most yoga shoes available in the market, and TIOSEBON Women’s MD outer sole prevents slipping and keeps the wearer’s feet from moving out of place in tricky angles.

The outsole’s material offers firm support and stability when attempting awkward stretches. The value is in the quality of TIOSEBON Women’s Walking Exercise footwear. You will get comfort, breath ability and the required performance for an affordable, capable shoe.

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Breathable
  • High-quality construction
  • Slip-resistant
  • Support for the arches in your feet
  • They may run a little bit large

08. L-RUN Unisex Barefoot

From comfort to style, the L-Run unisex barefoot shoes offer everything a yogi will need for extended sessions. As the fitness footwear’s tag suggests, it leaves little to no feeling that a person is wearing anything on the feet. Also, the breathable fabric provides adequate temperature regulation so that feet do not get blisters with extended use.

What makes it the right shoes is that;

The respirable soft lining keeps the feet clean and padded. Even though long periods of use, the fitness shoes will provide the ventilation needed to keep your feet dry, cool and free of blisters. Also, the shoes fit smoothly over an individual’s feet, contouring efficiently even for those incredibly tricky motions that often cause a toll on the foot’s flexion.

L-run Unisex Barefoot is an adequately performing product with a price set lower than other similar meditation footwear making them arguably the most affordable shoes commercially available. The prices start in single figures.

  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Long lasting, high quality
  • Affordable price
  • Numerous colors and prints
  • Have a foam type of feeling

09. NUFOOT Betsy Lou

NuFoot Betsy Lou shoes are lightweight, comfortable and flexible, giving a barefoot feel to the wearer, and also adding a tinge of style to the equation. A yogi would love its minimal construct and zero heel to toe drop making it a kind of fitness footwear that the user may forget while wearing it.

The reason for their popularity is that;

These shoes offer a feel that is relatable to wearing a gently padded feather as the flexible material enables a yoga enthusiast to move into various poses without any compromise swiftly.

NuFoot Betsy Lou shoes are a multi-functional shoe with a ballet look, but, the writer finds it more suitable for yoga. Therefore, it is crucial to look for a shoe with the right design that stands out. Moreover, a price range barely touching double figures, makes Nufoot Betsy lou one of the most affordable yoga shoes available in the market.

  • Many incredible designs
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • less quality construction than most listed

10. NING MENG Mens Womens Water Shoes Barefoot Beach Pool Shoes Quick-Dry Aqua Yoga Socks

Mens Womens Water Shoes Barefoot Beach Pool Shoes Quick-Dry Aqua Yoga Socks offer a low profile covering for the feet that is comfortable, flexible, and extremely breathable. These shoes are available in many different patterns, styles, and color options, and are easier to slip on or off.

It is important to know that;

The meditative footwear fits much like a water shoe, and excel in providing the respiratory comfort that is required for moisture wicking and protection against sweat build-up. Every bend and fold of a person’s feet can be naturally executed when wearing Barefoot Beach Pool Shoes, as they are produced of soft, accommodating material.


Professional yoga shoes make a yogi feel like he or she is virtually wearing nothing at all, as these lightweight shoes offer the essential barefoot feeling necessary to move positions of your feet naturally. These are yet another affordable fitness footwear easily found at a cost-effective price range.

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Flexible
  • Full cover and lightweight
  • Quickly dry
  • Supported sole
  • They run a little on the larger side

Therefore, whether an enthusiast wants to take the practice to the park, the gym, the beach, or keep it confined at home, the above ten meditative footwear got you covered.

Best Yoga Shoe – Buying Guide

yoga footwear

All of the shoes listed above offer many benefits for particular instances. However, which ones are the perfect shoes for certain yoga enthusiasts, depends entirely upon how they will be using them, and the level of yoga they will be performing. Each one differs in price, as well.

Although, personal preferences are a critical factor to consider; it is essential to look at each shoes features, pros and cons. It is because such aspects will make each pair of fitness shoes really stand out from others and will establish if a pair is right for an individual, who shall be asking questions such as;

What type of yoga he or she will be participating in? Is it advanced, basic, or causal? After that consider the following aspects;

Foot Support and Comfort

The stretches in yoga can put massive pressure on the feet that can be unevenly distributed on one portion of the foot over the other. Therefore, It is critical that a yogi is wearing shoes that give him or her maximum foot support since a failure to have sufficient foot support to ease the stress can greatly risk injury.

Another feature of quality shoes is that it offers a zero drop, which means the heel of the shoe is at the same elevation as the ball, much like a person’s feet will naturally do when he or she is barefoot on a flat surface. This natural feel and fit will give enough support to the individual’s feet during all different types of poses.

Another feature to look out for is;

A shock absorption polyurethane cushion sole!

It will shorten the impact of the weight from each step a yogi takes to start his or her positioning and gives a comfortable feeling when they plant their foot down. It is a fantastic benefit if a yoga enthusiast ever plans on taking the meditative exercise outside of class and doing poses without a mat.A wearer might also want to consider yoga shoes with thickened foam arch support inserts to protect his or her feet if they happen to step on any rocks or pointed objects outside.

Slip Resistance

It is essential a wearer’s yoga shoes get a firm grip on the ground while they are doing their poses. It is quite apparent that any fitness shoes that does not get the best grip can end up causing an awkward fall that may well injure a yogi badly. One of the things that will be a yoga aficionado’s best friend to prevent such collapse is rubber.

Therefore, before purchasing yoga footwear;

It is necessary to ensure if it got rubber soles as such a feature on yoga shoes will give its wearer maximum traction for all of the stretches and will keep the body steady during the yoga session. Another feature a person might want to keep an eye out for is if the shoes got an XS trek outsole.

XS trek is exclusively designed to give traction on anything, even if it is a genuinely wet surface making them ideal for surfaces that would not be wet most of the times. Also, XS trek soles give the yoga shoes a seal of durability that will keep them lasting for several yoga sessions where the yogi can make full use of its slip-resistant powers.


Whether an individual is doing regular yoga or hot yoga, his or her feet can swiftly gather much sweat on them during the poses. It is best to avoid that, so the person is not adding weight to the shoes which will make the stretches more challenging to do.

The writer recommends;

A shoe with a polyester upper mesh, or a shoe manufactured with polyamide. It is crucial to remember that polyester and polyamide are both highly water resistant, and can help to transmit the moisture from the sweat away from the body.  Mesh is an open material like a net.

Therefore, the combination of mesh and polyester as one material will give the wearer all of the airflows that their feet need to keep them cool and dry throughout the majority of a yoga session. Nonetheless, the majority of shoes are made similar to water shoes having a dual purpose in being able to be also used as a water shoe.

Moreover, they also tend to have a broad open upper like flats. With such common similarities, a yogi would not have a hard time getting the required breathability in their choice of yoga footwear.


A person’s feet bend, twist and turn in all kinds of directions whenever he or she is doing most yoga stretches. However, when the footwear is compressed in the feet, it can cause foot pain doing the poses.  Therefore, all the professional yoga shoes are flexible so that the wearer’s feet can feel comfortable stretching out in the footwear.

A practical way to get that flexibility is;

Through the type of material used in making fitness shoes. For instance, one fabric to look out for is polyamide. It is an extremely stretchy fabric that will enable a yogi’s feet to move in all kinds of ways without feeling much resistance.  Moreover, another valid sign of flexibility is if the footwear is represented as having a sock-like fit.

It allows a person to stretch his or her toes in the yoga footwear without much restriction. Furthermore, it is important to pay close attention to whether the uppers are characterized as having stretch fabric, and that if the soles happen to be XS trek, which is designed to be highly flexible.


Many yoga stretches can require an individual to lift his or her feet in the air to a certain degree. For example the half-moon pose, the crow pose, shoulder stand pose, the boat pose, and many others. If a yoga rookie only Google’s such stretches, they can see that they are severe enough just even to try to attempt to do.


The last thing a yoga enthusiast would want to do is make the pose even more difficult by having fitness footwear that adds weight on the feet. It is quite helpful to have meditative shoes that are lightweight so they would not weigh the feet down when the wearer is doing those specific types of poses.

Alternatively, it is better to avoid footwear that appears to have a highly thick sole. Nonetheless, the majority of top yoga shoes a yogi will come across will highlight if they are lightweight or otherwise. Therefore, always check the gram weight of the fitness footwear before completing the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Love to know about yoga shoes very quickly? Then this FAQs part is for you. Let’s see how we write this section with very intelligently. Hope you love it.

Is it feasible to wear footwear in a yoga class?

Although certain yoga instructors prefer their pupils to be barefoot during the sessions, several yoga teachers are absolutely fine with an individual wearing shoes during their classes.


The best thing a wearer can do is to approach the teacher or the management of the yoga institute to ask if it is okay for them to wear yoga shoes during the session. Typically, the majority of the instructors just want a yogi to be as comfortable as possible in whatever they choose to put on.

Can yoga shoes be worn in the water?

Yes, most of the yoga shoes are manufactured with the dual purpose of under-water usage for activities such as surfing or swimming given their physical similarity to water shoes. Moreover, a good number of them are made with polyamide, polyester, or other materials that are engineered to lessen the amount of moisture in the shoes.


many of the yoga footwear slip on nice and tight to the wearer’s feet so they would not fall off in the water. Furthermore, some fitness shoe feature mesh and other perforation like designs to ensure that the water flows out of them conveniently, and when the person is out of the water, air can flow inside to get their feet dry again.

How yoga shoes can be washed?

It is no rocket science as a yogi can simply toss his or her yoga shoes in the washing machine to wash it with cold water. Afterward, let them out to dry. Conversely, if it happens to be leather, a person should use specific leather cleaners to avoid damaging the shoe inadvertently.

Can yoga shoes be a casual option?

It varies from person to person as some find these shoes comfortable to wear all the time given their flexibility, and also the softness of the material on the feet. Alternatively, others prefer more arc support to casually walk around, that is why they opt for zero drop shoes.

Writer recommends;

Wearing them for a day to see how the feet are doing by the end of the day. if there are any sores or aches then it better to leave the shoes for yoga only to buy a different pair with more style quotient.

Is it difficult to find the right size?

According to seasoned yoga aficionados, all yoga shoes fit somewhat tightly on the feet initially. Gradually, it will mold to the size of the wearer’s feet from all the stretching out doing your yoga poses.


The majority of fitness footwear, just like conventional shoes are available in various size ranges, as it recommended that a buyer is assured of his or her size when buying such shoes online.

Can a person go running in yoga shoes?

Typically, most of the yoga shoes have a thin sole that is engineered to give its wearer a lightweight feel and flexibility in the feet. Now some yoga shoe manufacturers are offering products branded good enough to protect feet from rocks and other hard surfaces. However, such footwear does not feature as much cushioning as running shoes have, and some fitness shoes do not always have considerable traction as well.

For running, it is better if an aspirant wears shoes with thicker soles that offers more shock absorption, and would not wear out as swiftly as shoes might through consistent running.

Are yoga shoe heat resistant?

Some yogis have worn such meditative footwear on the beach and did not felt much heat from the sand. Although, certain yoga shoe manufacturers do claim to have inbuilt enough protection to secure feet from the sand, rocks, and other potentially injurious objects. Therefore, a buyer would have to carefully test the shoes himself to and see if they offer enough protection.

Why all the yoga shoes endeavor to emulate a “barefoot” experience?

Yoga shoes are supposed to feel like a second skin so that the footwear provides a little distraction while offering all the benefits of actual shoes during practice. Moreover, the majority of yogis value the option of a shielding insulator from germs, outdoor hazards like rocks or stickers, and toe protection while still relishing the barefoot feel.

Do a yogi needs to preserve the meditative footwear for practice only?

Absolutely not!

Contrary to conventional ballet slippers that are worn almost exclusively for that purpose, yoga shoes are principally a multi-use design. In today’s busy and demanding world, a yoga shoe should be able to transition from work to home to exercise looking stylish while functioning well. Yoga shoes are generally perfect for your practice followed by dinner and a movie.

Are yoga shoes expensive?

Yoga shoes, like any other sports equipment, range in price. However, today online marketplaces have made the hassle of price and features comparison oh-so-easy! Readers can search now for a variety of best yoga shoes offering hosts of benefits.


Well, we are end of the article now. Whats your thought? If you still need more information, feel free to ask us. We are still interested to give you more information.

But our experts though, these are enough to buy a perfect yoga shoe. So you can read the article again. OR you can buy any shoe from above list by following our guidelines.

Best of luck.

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