Do Shoe Stretchers Work?

Does shoe stretcher really work? So, do shoe stretchers work?

Everyone in the world wears shoes and all of them own more than one pair of shoes. Often, while buying shoes, sportsmen and normal people focus on the style, trending fashion, size and comfort of the shoes.

This creates a problem with the fitting of the shoe. Here is where the idea of shoe stretcher comes into play.

Shoe Stretchers Really Works?

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1. What are Shoe Stretchers?

A shoe stretcher is basically a device, which is made out of wood, hard plastic or metal. The structure is designed in such a way that it will fit inside the shoes. A shoe stretcher is kept inside the shoe even when it is not worn so that the size of the shoe is increased slightly and eventually the user does not have any difficulty in wearing the same shoe after a few hours.

2. Reasons for Using A Shoe Stretcher

There are various factors that might require the use of such a device, like a shoe stretcher. A few reasons to opt for these stretchers are:

  • If the shoes are shrinking due to any reason.
  • If the user’s feet are swollen.
  • So, if the size of the feet is between two sizes.
  • Problems in the foot, for example, injuries, cuts, or some diseases.
  • The answer to the question, do shoe stretchers really work? Yes, they do. As shoe sizes vary a lot, to get the best results, the wearers will have to use the stretcher in for at least a night and for the best results, up to 24-48 hours. Longer it is kept for the better result is obtained.
  • A shoe stretcher spray is a mixture of water and alcohol. The liquid loosens the leather or material of the shoe, making the shoe stretcher perform more effectively.
  • There are two types of foot stretchers that are available on the market today. One consists of a mechanical foot stretcher, while the other one is a spray foot stretcher. They can be used for various types of shoes, like high heels, flat shoes, boots etc.
  • Different people have different feet and prefer different kinds of shoes, but if the shoes are worn out, the shoe stretchers may not work.

3. Do Shoe Stretchers Vary from Person to Person?

All the people in the world have different comfort levels and they use shoes for different purposes- like you may use martial arts shoes. Same is the case with shoe stretchers. Some people use them because of tight-fitting, shrinking of shoes or some for other purposes. No matter what purpose it is used for, shoe stretchers are mostly the same for everyone.

4. Does Shoe Stretcher Work on Synthetic Shoes?

Buyers should make sure and determine the size of the shoes that is bought. The shoe stretcher works with synthetic shoes as well, although the spray is recommended. The stretcher should be evenly sprayed. The stretcher is then inserted and kept for 8 hours.

5. Material Suitability for Use

Shoe stretchers work best with leather, suede and natural materials. It is not so effective with artificial materials, like vinyl or other polymers.

6. Use in Sneakers

Shoe stretchers can also be used in sneakers as they are made of soft materials like rubber, foam etc. The proper process should be used in order to increase thesize of the sneakers.

7. Risks

The improper use of shoe stretchers will lead to permanent damage to the shoe or excessive use of the spray can damage the quality of the material that is used in the shoe.

8. Benefits

  • Unless it is very necessary to use, people do not buy a shoe stretcher. It is available in various price ranges. The need of a stretcher can be felt during emergencies, like a foot injury or a disease, thus it is advantageous to have one.
  • It will maintain the shape of the shoe
  • They Increase the longevity of the shoes.
  • Affordable and variable cost.
  • It will give more comfort to the user.

Apart from the general questions about the suitability of shoe stretchers or whether shoe stretcher work on sneakers, another question arises in the mind whether shoe stretcher is needed for every pair of shoes owned or not. It all just depends if the shoe is the correct size or not.

9. Never Used A Shoe Stretcher?

Here is how to utilize a show stretcher:

First of all, the application of the liquid to the area of the shoe is required. Use the bunion attachment, especially if the shoe is stretched for the purpose of bunion relief. Attachments are not needed if only a wider shoe is required.

Continue by turning the handle of the stretcher, allowing it to settle overnight. If the stretcher has to be removed, the handle has to be turned in the opposite direction.


So, do shoe stretchers really work? Yes, they do!

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