How Should Cycling Shoes Fit?

A detailed guide that explains how should cycling shoes fit. It also includes valuable information about cycling shoes and their features.

It’s common for your feet to get tired while you’re cycling. However, using the wrong kind of shoe could make you feel tired feet too early. However, there are some kinds of shoes that maximize motion transfer from feet to pedals. That way, you can move faster with less foot strokes.

Best cycling shoes are the best for this purpose. These shoes keep your feet on the pedals all the time. In addition, they’re sturdier than regular shoes. So, they can withstand many hours of harsh use without trouble.

Today, you’ll learn how your cycling shoes should fit to get the best performance. Here you’ll also find valuable information about cycling shoes and their most interesting features.

What are Cycling Shoes?

Cycling shoes are the best for riding bikes. Their main purpose is to keep your feet on the pedals while you move. That way, there’s an optimal motion transfer. In this case, the outsole is a rigid plastic or carbon fiber platform with rigid protrusions on the front known as cleats.

Cleats can have different shapes, depending on the brand and model of the shoe. The cleats fit inside special rails on the pedals. In general, there are two main types of clipless pedals: road pedals and mountain bike pedals.

Note: You can learn all types of cycling shoes cleats from here.

Road pedals adapt to cycling shoes with wide cleats. These shoes are the best for transferring motion, however they can be uncomfortable for walking. On the other hand, mountain bike pedals adapt to cycling shoes with small cleats, which are more comfortable.

In addition, mountain bike pedals are much more flexible and have complex friction patterns. This design provides higher stability on uneven terrain.

Before clipless pedals existed, toe-clips and toestraps were the only existing ways to keep your feet on the pedals. Toe-clips are metal cages attached to the pedals. The user inserts the foot inside the cage and starts pedaling. The main disadvantage of this system is that the shoe can accidentally slip out of the cage.

How Cycling Shoes Should Fit?

Cycling shoes adapt to your feet in a very different way than your daily-wear footwear. Below, you’ll find a list with tips that explain how cycling shoes should fit to improve your performance:

  • First of all, the cycling shoe should be slightly tight at the heel and the pressure should be evenly distributed on the instep.
  • Your toes shouldn’t touch the tip of the shoe. You need enough room on the tip so your toes can easily separate. In addition, the cycling shoe should hold the forefoot in a stable position.
  • Above all, there should be no protrusions or folds in the material inside the shoe. They may scratch your skin and cause blisters.
  • The ball of the foot should rest in the widest area of ​​the midsole. In addition, the cleats should be just below that area.
  • In case you have too pronounced arches, it’s recommended to use a custom footbed with the required foot support. You can also contact a professional to tell you what’s the cycling shoe that best suits your foot.
  • In case you’re going to wear custom footbed, make sure to choose a cycling shoe with removable midsoles to have enough internal space.
  • Always choose multi-stiffness soles so that your feet have a more natural movement while pedaling. Multi-stiffness soles use a combination of different materials in different areas. Some sections provide a more stable support, while others maximize comfort.


As you can see, cycling shoes can be a little bit uncomfortable for certain people. Usually, the outsoles of these shoes are too hard, which prevents the natural movement of the foot. Therefore, it’s recommended that you make some improvements to your cycling shoes, like replacing the original midsoles with custom footbed.

To improve comfort level, also opt for multi-stiffness soles that are slightly more flexible to give your feet more freedom of movement. In case you want to maximize motion transfer, always choose wide cleats. They can be a bit uncomfortable for walking, but they’ll prevent you from getting tired too quickly when pedaling.

Before buying new cycling shoes, make sure there are no imperfections inside the uppers. These impactions may hurt your skin while you’re pedaling. Make sure to follow each of these tips to improve your performance and get the most out of your cycling footwear.

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