How to Clean Your Shoes Correctly?

Are your shoes dirty, you want to clean them but are not sure how? This guide will help you to learn how to clean your shoes correctly without hassle. Here’s the deal about shoe cleaning! It looks like a chore, but in fact, cleaning shoes is an Art! Not everyone can shine their shoes spotless. For many people shoes are the first thing they notice when meeting someone for the first time.

Clean Your Shoes Correctly

We understand that you have spent a lot of money and effort in selecting the highest quality leather or suede shoes. The problem here is that leather and suede shoes are difficult to clean. We, here, give you a list of ideas and tips for cleaning your special pair of shoes.

Depending on the weather and use, you should clean your shoes every three to six weeks. We think that cleaning your shoes is fun; don’t treat your shoe cleaning as a task.

Few Tips For Shoe Cleaning

Well, let’s go, we will show you some exclusive tips to clean your shoes correctly. Hope these tips will help you to complete the task in good way.

A Good Shoe Brush

The shoe brush is the primary tool for shoe care. There are different types of shoe brushes available that will help clean your shoes. The brush depends upon the material of your shoes. It is essential to adjust the shoe brush to clean the upper surface of the shoes correctly. Using a soft bristled brush for leather and suede is the best option. A thorough process of shoe cleaning begins with the brushing of the shoe and ends with polishing your shoe.

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish acts as an anti-aging solution for shoes! Shoes need regular care for keeping them soft, it protects them from the weather, makes your shoes wrinkle free and makes them shine. Using shoe polish kit regularly will help keep your shoes in excellent condition. Polish protects the shoes from damage by moisture and dust.

Suede Protector Spray

Suede shoes are some of the most attractive pairs of shoes. Use protector spray to keep your suede clean. Using spray polish works as an outer protective layer. It helps keep stains, dust, and moisture away from the shoes keeping them soft and clean.

How to Clean Different Types of Shoes?

Cleaning your shoes is not as difficult as you think. We will help you clean any type of shoes easily. The guidelines below will help you clean leather, suede, and sneakers without much effort. Cleaning shoes will extend the life of your shoes considerably.

How to Cleaning Leather Shoes?

Clean Your Shoes Correctly

Cleaning your leather shoes is easy! With a little time and effort, your leather shoes will shine in no time! Leather shoes are high-quality natural products; they need special care and attention. Using special creams and polish will help maintain your favorite shoes. Properly keeping your shoes will get them in their original form, and extend their usable life.

Your leather shoes should be cleaned every 14 days even if they don’t appear visibly dirty. If you don’t plan to wear your shoes over an extended period of time; to protect them, place your shoe tree or shoe stretcher to help retain their shape. For cleaning your leather shoes, follow the guidelines below:

  • Clean the leather shoes with a dirt brush to dust off the surface
  • Remove stubborn dust crusts with a soft damp cloth
  • Then dry the shoes by stuffing them with newspaper and putting them in a warm place
  • Once the shoes are dry, apply a matching shoe polish or shoe paste using a small brush.
  • Pay attention to the right color
  • Catching the color a shade too dark can lead to a spotty result
  • Apply cream and polish on the soles
  • To give the leather shoes the final shine, rub them off with a soft cotton cloth

Cleaning Your Suede Shoes

To care for the shoes made of suede, you need different brushes, spray,and a suede eraser. Once you have the tools, follow the guide below for cleaning your suede shoes:

  • First brush the suede shoes thoroughly to get rid of dirt and dust
  • Spray the shoes evenly with suede spray
  • A suede stain eraser will help clean your shoes easily
  • Soaking the shoes in water with a cleaning liquid for a few minutes will remove tough stains
  • Dry the shoes thoroughly using paper towels and newspapers
  • Then you should sprinkle the suede shoes with a waterproofing spray to protect them from rapid soiling and moisture absorption.
  • In the end, spray your shoes with protective polish to keep them clean for a long time

How to Clean Your Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, sneakers are your best friend! They are your workout partners, they help you run comfortably through sand, rough and wet surfaces. Cleaning your favorite sneakers will extend their life and keep accompanying you on your running and workout. Here is how you can clean your sneakers quickly and correctly:

  • Use a soft shoe brush to clean off the dust and dirt
  • Remove the soles and soak them separately in a foamy liquid. It helps remove bad odor from your shoes
  • Use warm water mixed with a small dab of laundry detergent, make a foamy mixture
  • Use a sponge to take some of the bubbly liquid and apply them to shoes
  • Dry the shoes at room temperature

Shoes are made from different materials. From the elegant leather shoe to the high-quality designer and patent high heel shoes to the synthetic fabric shoes. Our recommendation is that you follow the guides given above to keep your shoes shiny and new for a long time.

Final Talk

Clean your shoes correctly by using the methods described above. For designer shoes, use creams and sprays and follow the same procedure for getting rid of tough stains on your shoes. Shoes like sneakers and other shoes made from synthetic fabric need special care and attention for a long useful life.

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