How To Lace Your Shoes Perfectly When You are In Martial Arts?

Do you know how to lace your shoes in the right way? Is crisscross laces the only way to lace your shoes perfectly?

There is more to shoelace than a simple crisscross knot. Most probably, you have been lacing your shoes since you were in kindergarten. If you lace your shoes with the traditional loop, swoop and pull method or the bunny ears, each lace method is bound to force you to bend over on the sidewalk to tie them back up.

Lace your Shoes

There is a lot you have missed on! There is more than one way of lacing your shoes. Specially when you wear martial arts shoes, you should tie your shoe perfectly. Unless you will BOOM!

Types of Knot

There are lots of shoe knot types. You can do tie any type. But, should do it perfectly. Here, I am going to tell you the perfect tie ways.

So, let’s go!

The Windsor Knot

The Windsor knot or a surgeon’s knot began as merely as a regular knot. The knot starts just like any other typical knot, but the exciting thing about this knot is you need to bring one lace over the other twice. As you are about to finish the knot, take the loop and place it over the top before binding the laces tight.

When a shoe is laced correctly, it helps you walk without problems like lose shoes. Perfectly placed shoes allow you to have extra support and comfort while talking. Once the shoes are out from their box, you might need to lace them again to make your life easier in the long run.

How to Lace Formal Shoes Correctly?

You have purchased a pair of formal shoes, however, the laces are keeping you on the edge, refusing to stay tightly knit, as they should! We get your problem; this guide will help you lace your formal shoes correctly. Most formal shoes come with a closed lace system. Closed lace means that the front of your shoe must turn into quarters where the lace holes are located instead of the tongue.

Straight bar lacing is perfect for formal shoes. This technique needs the laces up the sides and then straight over the top. This method is useful in giving you the horizontal lines placed in a straight order diagonally along the shoe.

This process is easy, elegant and ideal for formal footwear. There is no mess in the space between the quarters. If the eyelets of your shoes are in an odd number, then the proper way is to sneak your way to the end by sending one-lace crossways.

The bow created with this method will effectively hide your little trick. It is never a good idea to leave the laces as they are in your formal footwear, leaving your shoelaces, as they will create issues like misaligned quarters.

Lace your Shoes

Open Laced Casual Shoes

Quarters on open lacing shoes are different as compared to formal shoes. Inlacing casual shoes, the quarters are made from separate pieces of leather. If the parts of leather appear to come from the front of the shoe, then your shoes need a casual knot.

For casual shoes, the simple crisscross lace is the best choice. All you need to do is bring the lace diagonally to the center and thread the lace from inside the shoe quarters towards the outside. Always alternate the laces as you make your way upwards.

In lacing casual shoes, lace must be symmetrical. This knot will help your shoein looking tidy but not too rigid. Casual shoes with crisscross lace are easy to fix if they are untied. The crisscross method is equally useful for boots as they have open lacing.

Lacing Sneakers

Do you want to know how to lace up your personal sneakers without a fuss? For sneakers, you should pick a lacing style that is easy to tighten and loosen in a few seconds. Correct lacing makes your sneakers look sportier.

Lacing sneakers are similar to lacing open lace shoes. The process is identical, but the difference for sneakers is that you need to bring the laces over the top of the shoe quarters. Then take the lace down through the eyelets instead of using the inside-out method.

For your sneakers, the crisscross method will make a V shape that points down towards the tip of the shoe. This knot will give your shoes a much more aggressive look. Perfect knot if you want to appear competitive.

How to Lace your Shoes Perfectly

Butterfly Lace for People with Wider Forefront but Narrow Heels

If you are one of those people with wide forefront but narrow heels, then the butterfly lace knot is your lace of choice! This is a standard crisscross method, as mentioned earlier in the article. You have to thread the lace through the top eyelet by making a small hook on either side. Thread the other part of the shoe in the same way through each loop and pull right in the end. Now you can tie the lace and adjust the tightness of your shoes easily.

The Skip Lace for Relieving Pressure Points

For this knot, it is important that you use the standard crisscross method until you reach the third eyelet on either side of the shoes. Then you can move either end of the shoelace upwards along the lacing system for the other two eyelets. When you get to the fifth eyelet, continue the standard crisscross method and tie the laces once you reach up.

The Double Lace Method

The double lace method for shoe lacing requires two separate short laces. Begin at the bottom of the shoes with one lace at the top of the shoe. The bottom lace is tied using a standard crisscross. You must leave the lace loose to adequately accommodate the width of your foot. For the lace placed at the top of the shoe, using the standard cross method in combination with butterfly lace.


Now that you have learned about the different ways you can lace your shoes. Try each method yourself and see the difference. Each technique works differently for any occasion and now you can lace your shoes perfectly for formal or casual events.

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