All Types of Walking Shoes

A detailed guide with all the different types of walking shoes that you can currently find on the market. This article also contains valuable information about walking shoes and their most interesting features.

Walking is a low impact exercise that’s beneficial for your entire body. Walking at least 30 minutes a day is enough to maintain a stable heart pressure. It also helps you lose weight and improve your mood.

As it happens with any type of exercise, walking may cause serious injury. So, if your bones, muscles, and joints are weak, the risk is even higher. Therefore, it’s convenient to choose a good pair of walking shoes to keep your feet protected while you move.

In the current market, you can find a wide variety of walking shoes. The ones that you choose should adapt to the shape of your feet. In addition, they should ensure a stable support. In this article, you’ll find a detailed explanation about the different types of walking shoes. That way, you can easily find the pair that better suit you.

types of walking shoes

What is Walking Shoes?

As said before, walking is a low impact exercise. Therefore, impact cushioning isn’t a priority in walking shoe. Therefore, walking shoes usually have thinner soles in contrast to running shoes.

In addition, walking shoes have flexible soles that bend just below the balls of your feet. That way, there’s a lower risk of stress on the sole of your foot. The upper of walking shoes is also breathable, made of lightweight mesh or any other material with similar characteristics.

All Types of Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are among the most-selling items on the current market. In addition, you can find them in a wide variety of different models. However, all walking shoes can be grouped into the following types:

  • Motion control shoes
  • Lightweight performance shoes
  • Cushioned shoes
  • Stability shoes
  • Race walking shoes
  • Lightweight hiking shoes
  • Walking sandals
  • Comfort shoes

Learn All Types Walking Shoes

Now, you will learn each and every type walking shoes in few more details. Keep reading!

Motion Control Shoes

Motion control shoes are specially designed to prevent overpronation. To do that, they use rigid insoles that restrict the mobility of the feet. This type of shoe is also suitable for obese people or those with flat feet. Unfortunately, motion control shoes aren’t comfortable and they make you feel you’re walking uphill.

Lightweight Performance Shoes

Lightweight performance shoes are the most common of all. They’re perfect for people with neutral feet. In addition, these shoes have soft and flexible soles that can easily bend in multiple directions. That way, your feet can move freely on each step.

Cushioned Shoes

They have thicker soles than lightweight performance shoes. They’re especially designed to minimize impacts. They’re the perfect choice for people with knee pain.  Usually, they insoles have a pronounced curved shape. So, they’re the best choice for people with high arches.

Stability Shoes

They’re similar to motion control shoes. However, the soles are slightly softer and more flexible in this case. These shoes are perfect for people with slight overpronation. The soles are usually higher on the heel, making you feel you’re walking uphill.

Race walking Shoes

Racewalking shoes are made for walking faster. Therefore, they’re perfect for race walkers. In this case, the outsole is thin and flat. They can generate excessive pressure on your heels. However, they can help you win a racewalking competition.

Lightweight Hiking and Trail Shoes

These kinds of shoes have complex and deep traction patterns. They’re the best for walking of rocky surfaces and uneven terrain. Their design guarantees maximum grip and stability in every step.

Walking Sandals

Walking sandals are breathable, lightweight and very comfortable. They’re the best for walking on the beach. However, they leave your feet exposed to external agents like direct sunlight, humidity and pests.

Comfort Shoes

Comfort shoes have thick memory-foam midsoles to reduce pressure points. They’re the best choices to prevent pain and numbness in your feet. Walking on comfort shoes is a relaxing experience. Therefore, these are the best shoes for people who remain stand for a long time.


As you can see, walking shoes are quite diverse. So, it’s very easy to find a pair that really adapts to the shape of your feet. Before choosing any model, think about all the features that you require from your walking shoes. Then, check if the model you like meets each of your requirements. Carefully follow these tips before taking a final decision.

That way, you’ll have higher chances of success.

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