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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs_

To make things easier for you, here you’ll find a compilation of the most common questions and their answers.

What is Walking Shoes?

Walking doesn’t exert as much impact on feet, legs and knees as running. Therefore, impact cushioning isn’t a priority in this case. That’s why these shoes usually have thinner soles in contrast to running shoes.             

Most shoes are breathable to accelerate the evaporation of sweat and prevent odors. In addition, they’re lightweight and ergonomic to ensure maximum comfort.

Every day, thousands of people on the Internet ask the same questions about these shoes. Below, you’ll find a list with the most common ones and their answers.

Where to Buy?

There are many places where you can buy shoes at affordable prices. The most common ones are shoe stores and department stores. However, you can also get new shoes online through shopping websites or the official e-store of the product.

How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking?

To prevent creasing on leather shoes you should learn to walk without bending the tips of your feet. However, if the wrinkles have already appeared, you can apply the following methods:

  • Using a shoe tree, shoe horn or force field
  • Applying Mink oil and heat
Where to Buy Baby Walking Shoes Hard Bottom?

You can find hard bottom shoes for babies in shoe stores or baby clothing stores. In case your baby needs orthopedic shoes, you’ll need to contact an expert.

What Are the Best Shoes For Walking On A Metal Roof?

For walking on metal roof, your shoe should have flat and thick soles. In addition, the sole material should be heat resistant.

What Are the Best Shoe for Walking on The Beach?

Above all, walk sandals are the best for walks on the beach. They’re breathable, lightweight and resistant to sea water.

What Are the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet?

Motion control shoes are the best for people with flat feet. They have rigid soles to correct overpronation.

How Often Should You Replace Walking Shoe?

It all depends on the current condition of the shoes. However, the usual recommendation is to replace your these types shoes every 6 months.

Where Can I Buy Walking Cradles Shoe?

You can buy walker Cradles shoes in some shoe stores in the United States. However, if you don’t live in the United States, you can buy them on shopping websites or the official website of the brand.

What Shoe is Best for Walking on Concrete All Day?

These shoes with a comfortable support are the best for walking on concrete all day. Shoes with gel pads and memory foam midsoles may be a good option.

How to Stop Leather Shoe from Squeaking When Walking?

Friction between leather elements is a common cause of squeaking. To reduce noise, you can apply talc inside your leather shoes. Also, you can use superglue to fix any leather element that may cause friction.

How Often to Replace Walking Shoes?

There’s no a golden rule about this. However, it’s recommended to replace your these shoes every 6 months.

How to Stop Shoe From Squeaking When Walking?

To stop shoes from squeaking when you walk can do the following:

  • Apply talcum powder inside your shoes
  • Use super glue to fix any leather element that may move
  • Insert pieces of newspaper inside your shoes to remove excess moisture

When to Replace Walking Shoe?

It’s recommended to replace your walking shoes every 6 months. However, you can use them longer if they’re still in good condition.

What Makes Shoe Squeak When Walking?

Friction between leather elements is a common cause of squeaking. Also, excess moisture in leather can intensify noise.

How Long Do Walking Shoes Last?

These shoes have an average useful life of 6-9 months. It all depends on how frequently you use them.

What Shoe Do I Need for Silver Sneakers and Treadmill Walking?

For treadmill walking, you need shoe with soft and flexible soles. Memory-foam midsoles help reduce pressure points while you move on the treadmill.

What Is the Difference Between Walking and Running Shoes?

These shoes have thin and flexible soles. On the other hand, running shoes have thicker soles with a high heel-toe drop. Learn more here about running shoes vs traning shoes.

Where Can I Find Baby Walking Shoes?

You can find baby shoes for walking in shoe stores, department stores and baby clothing stores.

Where Can I Buy Baby Walking Shoes?

You can buy baby shoes for walking on shoe stores, shopping websites or the official website of the product.

What Size Shoes Do Babies Wear When They Start Walking?

It’s recommended that babies are barefoot when learning to walk. That way, their feet, legs and knees will get stronger. It’s recommended that babies start wearing shoes after 7 months of age. At this stage, a pair of 3-US-size shoes will work just fine.

What Are the Best Walking Shoes for Babies?

Shoes for babies walk should be soft so as not to hurt the skin. In addition, they should be wide to reduce pressure points and allow natural growth of the foot.

Where to Buy Baby’s First Walking Shoes?

It’s recommended to consult a professional before buying your baby’s first shoes. If you’re looking for the best of the best, visit a baby clothing store.

How to Lace Walking Shoes?

To do this, follow this procedure:

  • Form a “bunny ear” with each end of the lace.
  • Then, lace through the opposite “bunny ear”.
  • Finally, pull each “bunny ear” in opposite directions to form the lace lock.

What are the Best Orthopedic Shoes?

Best orthopedic shoes have stiff and arched soles to correct over pronation and provide an optimal support in every step.

What to Look for in Walking Shoes?

These are some of the features that you should look for on shoes:

  • Thin and flexible soles
  • Breathable upper
  • Flex grooves below the ball of each foot
What Size Shoes for A Walking Baby?

For a baby shoes are available in a 2-4 US-size range.

What are the Best Shoes for Walking Around Europe?

In many European countries, rains are too frequent. Therefore, you need a complex friction patter to prevent accidental slips. On the other hand, the soles should be thick and soft to prevent pressure points. That way, you can stay stand for a long time without suffering from sore feet.

What are the Most Comfortable Shoes for Walking All Day?

For all day, shoes for walking should provide a comfortable support. So, the soles should be soft and flexible. The upper should be slightly wider than your feet to prevent friction and pressure points.

What are the Best Shoes for Walking Long Distances?

For walking long distances, your feet should move faster. So, your shoes should be light, with thin and flexible soles. You also need extra cushioned heels.


Without a doubt, after knowing the answers to these FAQs, you’re better prepared to choose a good pair of this shoe. Before buying, make a list with all the features that you require from your shoes. Then, take your time and search on the Internet for some shoe models that satisfy each of your requirements.

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