What Kind of Shoes Do You Wear for Yoga & Why?

Learn, what kind of shoes do you wear for yoga and why?

In recent years, yoga has become very popular in western countries. However, this discipline has been practiced in different Asian countries for thousands of years. Followers of ancient traditions often practice yoga completely barefoot. However, yoga rules are more flexible in the rest of the world.

Modern Yogis often wear comfortable shoes to practice yoga. This way, there’s a lower risk of injury when executing complex exercises and postures. If you’re new to yoga, you’ll surely need help choosing the most appropriate shoes for this purpose.

In this article you’ll learn what kind of shoe you need to wear for yoga. You’ll also find valuable information about the origins of yoga and its benefits.

What Kind of Shoes Do You Wear for Yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mental and physical discipline that involves meditation and different body postures. It’s proven that practicing yoga has many health benefits. It helps reduce stress levels, burn calories, and tone muscles.

The term Yoga literally means “putting a yoke on”. This term can also be interpreted as “connect, unite or focus the mind”. It’s known that the practice of yoga began in Asia more than 3,600 years ago. Different religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism include yoga among their doctrines.

There are different types of yoga. However, Hatha yoga is the most widespread in the world. This discipline is practiced by both men and women as a low-impact exercise. The main purpose of Hatha yoga is to prepare the body for long days of meditation.

During meditation, the body remains in the same position for a long time. Body postures from Hatha yoga help strengthen the body to withstand meditation without pain, cramps or numbness.

Is it Mandatory to Wear Shoes in Yoga Time?

No. In fact, you have to be barefoot to practice yoga. That way, your body interacts with the ground, while your bones, muscles and joints become stronger. However, if you suffer from sore feet or had a recent surgery, it’s possible to wear shoes during the yoga session.

Some people don’t feel comfortable being barefoot around strangers. In that case, short socks may be an alternative to shoes.

Benefits of Wearing Shoes in Yoga Time

Wearing shoes during yoga time has many benefits. Below, you’ll find a list with some of them:

Prevent Injuries

Comfortable shoes help reduce pressure points on your feet. That means less stress on your muscles, bones and joints. So, when you do yoga with your shoes on, there’s a lower risk of getting hurt.

They Give You Balance and Stability

Wearing shoes help you have better support, which contributes to your balance. If your muscles are weak, you’ll have trouble keeping balance while standing on a single foot.

They Help You Hide Imperfections

Many people don’t like their own feet. Defects like calluses and blisters can ruin their aesthetic. If you don’t have the feet of a princess, it’s suitable to wear shoes to hide those ugly imperfections.

Why Do You Wear Yoga Shoes?

If you’re young and strong, you don’t need to wear shoes during yoga. However, mature adults are prone to injury. So, it’s suitable that they wear yoga shoes.

Yoga is a low impact exercise. Therefore, cushioning isn’t the highest priority. However, it’s suitable to have stable support in some areas, like the tip and heel. On the other hand, shoes should have reinforced soles to prevent twisting and other unwanted movements.

On the other hand, the outsoles should have grooves bellow the ball of your feet. That way, your feet will easily bend forward. If the sole is too stiff, it will be almost impossible to execute some complex poses.

Final Talk

As you can see, wearing shoes during yoga sessions has its pros and cons. However, if you’re prone to injury, it’s mandatory that you wear comfortable and stable shoes to perform any physical exercise. Make sure the shoes you’re going to use are ergonomic and adapt to the shape of your feet.

Having a little extra space on the upper is also important. Make sure to follow these valuable tips to get the most out of your yoga time.

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