Why Do Surgeons Wear Crocs?

During the last few years, Crocs have become very popular among young and mature adults. These plastic clogs are colorful, original and very comfortable. They’re informal, so they’re perfect for people with a carefree attitude. You can have long walks with them and feel like you’re barefoot.

However, there’s one community in particular that has benefited a lot from these clogs. We’re talking about the medical community. Crocs clogs are used by millions of doctors and nurses around the world. Each year, this trend becomes more popular. The sales continue to increase among medics.

In this article you’ll know why surgeons wear Crocs. Here, you’ll also find some valuable information about Crocs.

What is Crocs?

Crocs is a shoe company, with headquarters in Colorado, USA. This company acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute plastic clogs. The original design belonged to Foam Creations, from Canada.

These clogs first appeared in 2002, at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. At that time, only 200 pairs of clogs were sold. Currently, the company has sold millions of clogs and accessories around the world. China and the United States are the largest consumers of Crocs products.

What makes different these clogs from others is their proprietary Croslite material. This synthetic compound is resistant to stains, bacteria and bad odors. In addition, it’s easy to wash and don’t absorb moisture.

In the beginning, Crocs clogs were promoted as beach footwear. However, the brand has diversified, producing sneakers and special shoes for people with diabetic foot.

why do surgeons wear crocs

Reasons Why Surgeons Wear Crocs

If you have visited a hospital recently, you’ve surely seen several doctors and nurses wearing Crocs. Why are these clogs so popular among medics? There are many reasons for this. Below, you’ll find a detailed explanation.

They’re Stain-Resistant

Surgeons are continually exposed to human blood, urine and feces. During some important intervention, bodily fluids are spilled on the shoes of surgeons and nurses. Textile shoes wouldn’t be useful in such situations. The fluids would accumulate between the fibers, attracting pathogens and producing bad odors.

Croslite material is completely waterproof and resistant to bacteria. So, there’s no risk of stains or bad odors.

They’re Easy to Wash

Crocs clogs are also resistant to medical cleaning products. In addition, they dry too fast. In the event of an accidental spill, the surgeon can easily take off the clogs. Then, he can wash them with iodine cleaners without risk of damage. A couple of paper towels are enough to dry the surface and get back to work.

They’re Cheap

Surgeons need to replace their shoes to reduce pathogen proliferation. In some hospitals and clinics, doctors pay for their own uniforms. So, expensive shoes aren’t an option in this profession.

A pair of Crocs for adults doesn’t exceed $100. In some cases, you can find them for less than $30. That’s a huge relief for surgeons and nurses, because they won’t have to spend too much on shoe replacements.

They’re Available in A Wide Variety of Colors

In some clinics, hospitals and universities, there are strict rules about clothing. For example, in some cases, there are restrictions on the color of the shoes. Fortunately, Crocs are available in a wide variety of colors. Usually, there are at least 20 different colors per model.

In the case of clogs for doctors, white, blue and green are the most popular options.

They’re Comfortable

Some surgeries can be complicated and take longer than expected. Sometimes, surgeons should remain stand for more than 8 hours to finish a surgery. In that case, you need a comfortable shoe. That way, you won’t feel cramps, numbness and pain in your feet, legs, and knees.

Crocs clogs are ergonomic and very comfortable. They also have enough space so your feet can move in different directions. This helps reduce pressure points, improving blood circulation in your feet.

Final Talk

After reading this article, now you can better understand why Crocs clogs are so popular among surgeons. They’re comfortable, lightweight and resistant to bacteria. Also, they’re much cheaper than sneakers.

As you can see, the popularity of Crocs clogs goes beyond fashion trends. It’s a matter of functionality, quality and ergonomics. So, next time you wonder why so many people wear Crocs, dare to wear them to see for yourself. You won’t regret it!

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